What To Stream This Weekend
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For many, what to stream this weekend is the biggest question come Friday. We have a list of seven different amazing picks, whether you want comedy, mystery, action, or a true story.

As big pop culture fans and nerds, we’re always undecided on what to stream and love a little help from friends, so we’ve decided to deliver our top picks to stream this weekend for you. 

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1. Thai Cave Rescue (Netflix)

Thai Cave Rescue is a TV series showing the rescue of the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped for two weeks in flooded caves in Thailand in the summer of 2018.

There is a movie based on this true-life story, but the show goes more in-depth with details about the search for the soccer team. The show gives you details the film doesn’t you see both sides of rescue happening. You will see the side of the group being trapped in the cave and the rescue team figuring out how to save them.

It is a limited series, and season one is out now, ready to stream. The show has an average audience score of 100% on rotten tomatoes

2.  OZ (HBO Max)               

Oz is about McManus, a man who tries to keep control over the inmates in Em City. There are daily activities at the unusual prison facility. There are many groups of inmates at the prison, and not everyone within each group survives the show’s events. The show has six seasons full of suspense and thriller. It has an average audience score of 97% on rotten tomatoes

3.  Vikings (Prime Video)

Vikings is about Ragnar, a farmer who rises to fame when he raids England and, in time, becomes a Scandinavian king with the help and support of his family and fellow warriors. The show transports us to a brutal and mysterious world. There are six seasons of the Vikings you can stream now. The show has an average audience score of 88% on rotten tomatoes.


4. American Dad! (Hulu) 

American Dad is about the misadventures of Stan Smith and his crazy family. Stan works for the C.I.A and constantly keeps a lookout for terrorists. He loves his family and will do anything to protect them and his country, even if it is an odd way of saving them. There are nineteen seasons where you see Stan work through all kinds of C.I.A problems. The show has an average audience score of 91% on rotten tomatoes

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5. Coyote (Paramount Plus)         

Coyote is about Ben Clemens, who has worked 32 years as a border patrol agent. He is forced to work for the people he spent his career trying to keep out of America. It challenges his ideology and his loyalties after he spent so many years keeping them out seems like a waste to him. There is only one season of the show so far. The show has an average audience score of 83% on rotten tomatoes.

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6. The Leftovers (HBO Max)

The Leftovers start three years after a global event where 140 million people simultaneously disappear. Residents in Mapleton, N.Y., trying to maintain balance when normal no longer applies to the situation. There are three seasons to the show where you see the people who didn’t disappear try to keep going with their lives and question if another disappearance of people will happen again. The show has an average audience score of 90% on rotten tomatoes.

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7.  The Walking Dead (Netflix)

The Walking Dead is about the world overturned by the dead, and a group of survivors travels to try and find a safe and secure home. As zombies continue walking around, getting more robust with each kill, turning another person into one of them presents a greater danger to survivors trying to stay safe. There are eleven seasons of the show where you see favorite characters go and new characters come in. The show has an average audience of 78% on rotten tomatoes.