Streaming Wars: TV+, Music, Arcade, and News+ make Apple irresistible

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Apple has set itself up to challenge in the Streaming Wars and only needs to make one move to come out on top with its TV+, Arcade, Music and News+ services.

It’s old news that Apple has 1.4 billion devices active on the global market, but it gives the tech-giant a huge advantage considering how people live through their smartphones. Without a back catalog, Apple already provides tons of content people want.

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Attention, not hours

This is the smart part of Apple’s strategy: they have variety to grab and hold attention. These are the services Apple currently offers:

  • TV+: Exclusive shows, documentaries, and movies for adults and kids alike ($4.99 monthly).
  • Arcade: Games without in-app purchases and ads.
  • Music: A huge library of music ($9.99 monthly).
  • News+: Personalized content from magazines, leading newspapers and digital publishers ($9.99 monthly).

Across these four services, Apple offers almost everything. It lacks only books, but it is likely they’ll expand their Books app to include a subscription service like Amazon’s Audible in the future.

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One move to put Apple on top

Today, it would cost just under $30 to cover every service listed above, not to mention any extra services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. For less than $65, you could have everything — plus Audible. Considering the breadth of content available for that monthly fee, why would anyone need a pay TV contract ever again?

Regardless, this is how Apple could put itself at the top of the Streaming Wars: bundling its TV+, Arcade, Music, and News+ services together into one competitive monthly price.

Imagine if Apple offered everything for $12.99 monthly? This is the price point Disney is bundling Disney+, Hulu Basic, and ESPN+ for. At around $10 per month and targeting its captive 1.4 billion users they could make Disney+’s subscriber acquisition laughable, Apple would be unstoppable.

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