HBO Max 2020: Most wanted movies

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies
Credit: Goodfellas / TimeWarner

HBO Max hits the market in May 2020 with a back catalog that’s devastating for its competition. If the service delivers on its promises, it’ll be the greatest collection of movies ever.

Yet, it’s more likely HBO Max will cycle through their movies to keep people coming back rather than binging on everything in one month. These are the 20 movies we want to see the most in 2020.

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#20. Casablanca (95 percent)


Casablanca is often considered movie perfection. Regularly ranking in best-ever lists on major movie sites, it mixes romance, drama, and terror perfectly. This 1942 classic should be a regular binge for all movie aficionados.

#19. True Romance (93 percent)

True Romance

True Romance is written by Quentin Tarantino, directed by Tony Scott, and stars an on-form Christian Slater. If you want a fast, witty, and brutal movie, this should be on your watchlist.

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#18. Defending Your Life (83 percent)

Defending Your Life

Defending Your Life is a compelling alternative view on the afterlife. Writer, director and star Albert Brooks faces a courtroom battle to prove he overcame fears in life. HBO Max really needs to stream this movie, because it’s pertinent to everyday life.

#17. The Wizard of Oz (89 percent)

Wizard of Oz

Could there be a more timeless movie than The Wizard of Oz? Starring Judy Garland as she journeys down the yellow brick road, this 1939 epic fantasy is full of interesting characters and freaky flying monkeys that’ll give you nightmares.

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#16. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (89 percent)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Amazingly, Harry Potter’s digital rights aren’t owned by WarnerBros., NBC Peacock has them until 2025. However, it has been reported that HBO Max is looking to get those rights back. The big question is, can they? If so, the last installment of the Harry Potter series is dark, tragic, and fantastic entertainment. If you’re a fantasy fan and haven’t watched any of these movies, you should. We just hope they’re on HBO Max because if they’re not, it is a big loss.

#15. Caddyshack (87 percent)


Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Rodney Dangerfield star in one of the goofiest comedies ever. If oddball gags are your thing, then Caddyshack should be on your watchlist. Who would have thought golf could be made so funny?

#14. Falling Down (84 percent)

Falling Down

With some of the most iconic moments in cinema, this is Michael Douglas at his finest. Falling Down is a movie everyone can relate to. Granted, the majority of us stop ourselves or seek help before going loco.

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#13. Bullitt (85 percent)


Steve McQueen in this movie is the thinking man’s Dirty Harry. With style and substance, Bullitt is better than most cop movies made today. It also has the best car chase sequence in the history of cinema; this fact is unlikely to ever change.

#12. The Shining (93 percent)

The Shining

The Shining is what happens when legendary director Stanley Kubrick combines a Stephen King book with Jack Nicholson. It is the ultimate horror movie with scenes that remain part of modern culture’s psyche.

#11. Full Metal Jacket (94 percent)

Full Metal Jacket

Co-written and directed by Kubrick, this Vietnam war epic is more about dehumanizing soldiers than guts and glory. What’s amazing is that the brutality of the movie’s boot camp is actually an honest reflection on what recruits once faced. Full Metal Jacket is genuinely harrowing.

#10. Purple Rain (78 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies Purple Rain

Let’s not kid each other, the movie Purple Rain is a six out of 10 with a soundtrack that’s 11 out of 10. If you ever liked, or still like Prince, this is a must-watch movie.

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#9. National Lampoon’s Vacation (85 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies National Lampoon's Vacation

Writer John Hughes and director Harold Ramis come together for an unforgettable road trip starring Chevy Chase. National Lampoon’s Vacation could be the funniest movie ever, with cameos from John Candy and Eugene Levy to boot. This is one movie not to be missed on HBO Max in 2020.

#8. Unforgiven (93 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies Unforgiven

Directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, Unforgiven gave us that “Man With No Name” vibe last seen in classics like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. With Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman in lead roles, this movie was destined to be great — and was.

#7. Gran Torino (90 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies Gran Torino

Eastwood is a legend on and off the screen. Despite some clunky acting, Gran Torino made you care about the characters in a way most movies can only dream of. Plus, it’s a very nice car.

#6. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (95 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies The Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring

The scene where Frodo says he’ll take the ring still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge still. The Lord of the Rings trilogy will always be one of the best movie experiences available, and HBO Max needs to deliver the extended cuts in 2020.

#5. Lethal Weapon (86 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies Lethal Weapon

The first Lethal Weapon movie is massively underrated. It’s more than a buddy cop action flick — it is a Christmas movie about loneliness, depression, and it should get recognition for it. Putting aside its modern relevance, Mel Gibson is fantastic, and the chemistry with Danny Glover makes it one of the best HBO Max can offer.

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#4. Se7en (95 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies Seven

The sensational Morgan Freeman, sadistic murders, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box (spoiler alert!) make Seven a top-five movie. The big question is, will HBO Max stream anything with Kevin Spacey in? If they do, it’s one of HBO Max’s best movies for 2020.

#3. The Dark Knight (94 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is better than anything Marvel or DC has done before or since. The Dark Knight isn’t just the best of that bunch, but it is one of the best action movies ever made. It’s a sequel on the level of Aliens and Terminator 2.

#2. Blazing Saddles (91 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies Blazing Saddles

The most controversial title on this list is Blazing Saddles. The streaming service will need guts to show this movie. What makes this 1974 romp so controversial is that it’s focused on ridiculing racists by showing racism. What’s the saying, there’s no such thing as bad publicity? Well, 2020 will definitely be interesting if HBO Max streams this.

#1. Goodfellas (97 percent)

hbo max 2020 most wanted movies Goodfellas

The “I amuse you” scene with Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta remains one of the best in cinematic history. If the idea of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro excites you, then HBO Max has the best movie for you in 2020. What about The Irishman? “Forget about it!” Goodfellas is way better.

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