Best Martin Scorsese movies streaming this month

The Wolf of Wall Street (IMDB TV)

I love business movies. From Wall Street, The Founder, or even Moneyball, business movies are my jam. And let’s call The Wolf of Wall Street what it is: the greatest business movie of all-time and one of the best Martin Scorsese movies streaming this month. As much I can rewatch the movie, it’s the Wolf that is the habit I can’t break.

Scorsese’s direction of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie explodes off the screen with the gargantuan candle power of a searchlight. And it’s the many unfortunate moments that turn into pure comedy gold. If you love movies like Fargo and Reservoir Dogs and their twisted sense of humor, you’ll love The Wolf of Wall Street.

Best The Wolf of Wall Street quote: Let’s run like we’re f**king lions and tigers and bears!

The Irishman (Netflix)

It’s almost impossible to summarize The Irishman in a super succinct way. The good news is, it lives up to the hype. This will go down as one of Scorsese’s best films, and that’s saying something considering his body of work.

Best quote: When I was young, I thought house painters painted houses.

The Aviator (HBO MAX)

The rise and fall of Howard Hughes have Scorsese and DiCaprio teaming to tell the story of the original Elon Musk. One part brilliant, one part crazy, and one part ladies man (Elon, is this part true of you?), Hughes’ story may the greatest biopic in cinema history.

It’s one of those movies you must experience. Can you watch it over and over? Lord knows I have tried, and it’s always great. It won’t etch itself into your being like Goodfellas does, yet there are so many moments that will have an effect. Now show me all the blueprints, Odie!

Best The Aviator quote: I sweat, and you’re deaf. Aren’t we a fine pair of misfits?

Cape Fear (Starz)

The Mrs. can’t stand when I start watching this movie, yet I love it. In fact, it may be my fourth favorite Scorsese movie after Goodfellas, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Aviator. Right up there with The Departed. Wait, now that about it more, it might be third ahead of The Aviator. Prove me wrong and do your best, Mr. Hughes!

Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, and Jack Brynes from Meet The Parents star in this remake. I’ve never taken the time to go back and watch the original because… Scorsese. I’m a bit of a fanboy, can’t you tell? The film is brilliant until the ending which gets a little sketchy. If the end doesn’t please, watch The Simpsons episode titled Cape Feare instead. What never? NO NEVER! What never? Hardly ever!

Best Cape Fear quote: Come out, come out wherever you are.

The Departed (HBO MAX

This is the only time Martin Scorsese has the pleasure of working with the greatest actor ever. And who was that actor? That’s right, Mark Wahlberg. You mean you haven’t seen Pain & Gain? Great movie.

I’m serious, Pain & Gain is great. Yet it’s Jack I’m talking about. If you need to know his last name, get the f’ out of here. You’re no movie buff. Turn in your cinema card and go watch the Murphy Brown reboot. You deserve to suffer through that crapfest of crap. My apologies, the Ritalin is wearing off. I digress.

DiCaprio, Nicholson (see, you got it out of me), Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Ray Winstone (he’ll play me in the movie), and even wannabes like Martin Sheen and Alec Baldwin are all great in this movie. Proves a great director can make anyone not suck. As for the movie itself, it’s great. Not Goodfellas, The Aviator, or The Wolf of Wall Street great, yet damn good.

Best The Departed quote: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe f**k yourself.

Casino (AMC+)

I talked the Mrs. into watching Casino with me. I didn’t think she’d like it. SHE LOVED IT. Go figure.

Sharon Stone is great in this movie because of Scorsese. She actually steals the movie in a lot of ways. And I love Pesci in this as well. Joe is my man. From Home Alone to Goodfellas, Joe can do no wrong in my mind. I’d take Pesci over Bobby De Niro every day of the week.

Best Casino quote: For two days and two f***in’ nights, we beat the shit out of this guy. I mean, we even stuck ice-picks in his balls.

Taxi Driver (Unavaible)

It’s was the mid-90’s when I rented the VHS tape of Taxi Driver. Or it was on Cinemax. Seems like that movie was always on Cinemax back in the day. I’ve only seen Taxi Driver once from beginning to end. Though I’m sure I caught the end of it many times waiting for Cinemax After Dark to start. Should we talk about Masseuse 3? If you haven’t seen it, well then you’ve proven you weren’t as desperate as I was back in the ’90s.

As for Taxi Driver, it’s De Niro (instructed by Scorsese – the only genius on the set) at his best. Taxi Driver is the one movie of Scorsese’s where Bobby gets most of the spotlight to himself. I like the movie, yet beyond that it’s about the quote that everyone and their hamster have uttered.

Best Taxi Driver quote: You talking to me? You talking to me!?

Raging Bull (Amazon Prime Video)

I saw this movie once. “Once,” to quote Joe Piscopo as Danny Vermin in Johnny Dangerously. Unlike so many other Scorsese films, this one didn’t get me hot-and-bothered. Is it good? Yes, it is. Is it his best work? No.

De Niro and Joe Pesci star in this biopic about the life of boxer Jake LaMotta. The famous thing here is that De Niro put on a ton of weight to play a later-in-life LaMotta. Great, yet when it comes to packing on the pounds for a film role, he’s no Gomer Pyle in my book. Seven-six-two millimeter. Full metal jacket.

Best Raging Bull quote: I got these small hands. I got a little girl’s hands.

Mean Streets (HBO MAX)

Like Taxi Driver, I saw it once back in the mid-’90s. I fell asleep during it. Now that’s not meant to be an insult. Any movie with Harvey Keitel tickles my nether regions. And if you’re wondering, I’m not a big Lee Marvin fan. That’s right, the original Mr. White in the house.

This is the movie where Scorsese lost his cinema virginity. So what needs to happen is that I need to go back and watch it. And I need to realize it’s not The Crown on Netflix, which puts me to sleep. Great show, yet I can’t stay awake during it no matter what I try. Oh, and by the way, Scorsese is right about all these crappy superhero movies – they all suck. Except for The Dark Knight. And Joker. I haven’t seen the latter yet.

Best Mean Streets quote: (I don’t know, I fell asleep I told you.)

Gangs of New York (MAX Go)

I’ve never seen it. And it’s a damn sin. So, what can I say about a movie I’ve never seen other than I’m an embarrassment to film critics everywhere. Though “embarrassment” and “film critics” have become synonymous these days.

Judging by the trailer I’m guessing I’d like the movie. I promise to make some time to see it and update our list.

Best Gangs of New York quote: (I never saw the movie. Sorry)

GoodFellas (HBO MAX)

Does anything need to be said about GoodFellas? It is not only Scorsese’s best, but it is also the best gangster movie ever made, with the exception of The Godfather Part II.

Best GoodFellas quote: “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.”

Ranking the best Pitch Meetings on YouTube by Screen Rant

For those who love satire about the film and TV industries, we’re ranking the best Pitch Meetings on YouTube by Screen Rant. These choices are a treasure trove of side-splitting content.

Created by Ryan George, Pitch Meetings features a two-camera setup in which George portrays a creator pitching a movie or TV idea to an executive — also played by George.

Fast-paced dialogue, go-to catchphrases and an overarching deconstruction of cinematic storytelling make Pitch Meetings an endearing, enduring YouTube gem. Find out where the best of the best series entries rank below.

Best Pitch Meetings on YouTube

1. Batman & Robin

From the very start, the premise of trying to improve upon the poorly received Batman Forever sets the tone. The “writer” comes up with all sorts of ways to appeal to the masses. One of these ways is the incessant use of “ice” puns.

For those who need a refresher on Batman & Robin, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as main villain Mr. Freeze. Let’s just say the film leans on Arnold’s penchant for delivering one-liners in classic action movies a tad too often.

The plot description fully reveals just how preposterous in scope this superhero misfire was. Alas, George Clooney’s version of Batman had to die for us to enjoy the Christopher Nolan trilogy. All’s well that ends well!

2. Home Alone

Some of the best YouTube content about Home Alone focuses on how ridiculously death defiant the Wet Bandits are going through Kevin McCallister’s sadistic set of booby traps, but Pitch Meetings takes a different approach.

It does cover that ground, yet this Home Alone entry also ponders the absurdity of the premise. So many elements had to fall in place before the screenplay’s inciting incident even occurs.

John Hughes seems to have gotten the maximum mileage out of the “suspension of disbelief” concept in Home Alone. But hey, he got away with it. The result is a holiday classic.

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3. Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens‘ episode lays out all the plot points reanimated from A New Hope and goes through all the coincidences of the story. George really takes Episode VII to task.

For instance, he talks about the characters of Poe and Finn and how they embark upon a “Stormtrooper murder rampage.” It doesn’t even seem to faze Finn that he must be killing many of his friends during his initial escape.

Then, of course, the bashing of Rey. The writer goes through his “inspiration” for the character’s name. Its genesis was allegedly rooted in a mutual appreciation for Everybody Loves Raymond. Instead of a character arc, Rey’s journey is characterized more of a character “upwards line.”

4. Justice League

It’s no secret Justice League had a tumultuous production — and lukewarm reception. From Affleck’s jarring Batman character shift to Wonder Woman’s writer-induced, objectified regression from her standalone movie, it wasn’t pretty.

The writer’s excitement over Aquaman saying things like, “My man!” and being a badass for boozing is a notable highlight.

Poking fun at the continuity from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, George blasts everything about Superman’s involvement in Justice League. Henry Cavill’s mustache controversy is the mere tip of the iceberg.

5. Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones

Ooft. We all know Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker wasn’t well-received in Attack of the Clones. Some of that is George Lucas’ wooden writing. Lucas’ direction obviously left something to be desired.

Anakin is even creepier toward his love interest, Padme Amidala, than you probably remember. When the “writer” is pitching the “executive,” the latter even calls him a predator!

Additionally, the lack of foresight and oversight on the CGI-heavy film is explored herein to hilarious results. This Pitch Meeting is the longest episode of this ranking list, but well worth sitting — and cackling — through.

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6. The Dark Knight

The logic leaps of the opening robbery sequence are rather obvious in retrospect. Audiences at the time were just happy Batman & Robin was no longer the Caped Crusader gold standard.

Oh, and Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker became legendary, cemented by a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. However, Joker getting away in a line of school buses after that bank robbery really makes no sense. Very conspicuous indeed.

In The Dark Knight, the Joker gets super lucky that his plans work exactly how they’re supposed to, too. Check out the video above for a more thorough explanation of that and more!

7. The Matrix

Finally, we arrive at The Matrix. The post-colon portion of this video title really says it all: “Keanu Reeves And Lots Of Leather.”

That’s a decent overall summary of what the groundbreaking sci-fi classic essentially is in terms of aesthetics. We all know The Matrix is a masterpiece of high-concept ideas like simulation theory, blended with religious symbolism and incredible action scenes.

Nevertheless, it’s an absolute joy to sit back, plug one’s mind into this video for a little under six minutes, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all Pitch Meetings is offering is the truth!

Best Stanley Kubrick movies streaming this month

The legendary director is synonymous with cinematic history, so it’s never a bad idea to see the best Stanley Kubrick movies streaming this month.

Few filmmakers can say they’ve tackled nearly every genre imaginable. Kubrick did just that in a most masterful way, unafraid of ambiguity and nuance — and made some of the boldest choices ever seen on the silver screen.

Read on for a closer look at the best of Kubrick’s movies streaming now.

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Paramount+)

The pickings are slim, as Kubrick didn’t make a tremendous amount of movies in his lifetime. A.I. was actually written and directed by Steven Spielberg, yet it originated with Kubrick.

Kubrick wanted to adapt the short story Supertoys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss for years. Unfortunately, after the project lagged in development, he wasn’t able to complete it before his death in 1999.

Released in 2001, A.I. starred Jude Law and Haley Joel Osment. Part of the reason Kubrick didn’t want to make it was his lack of faith a child actor could pull off Osment’s character, but the young thespian was certainly up to the task in Spielberg’s version.

It’s a moving, heartwarming but sad story — and may have been even darker had Kubrick been at the helm. Nevertheless, it’s a really fun place to start, since another directing giant picked up the baton and brought Kubrick’s long-gestating project to life.

Dr. Strangelove (HBO Max)

Only Kubrick could pair such disparate concepts as slapstick/farcical humor and nuclear holocaust and pull it off. Dr. Strangelove deals with Cold War politics in a most unique way.

Much of this movie is carried by Peter Sellers. The comic genius portrays three extremely different characters. They are: Royal Air Force captain Lionel Mandrake, U.S. President Merkin Muffley and the titular German doctor.

Supporting Sellers are brilliant actors such as Sterling Hayden and George C. Scott, Slim Pickens and James Earl Jones. Hayden in particular shines as Jack D. Ripper, a national defense commander who catalyzes the movie’s central nuclear crisis.

It’s shot in black-and-white, but don’t let that discourage you. This is as good of a dark comedy as you’ll ever see — and it’s worth sitting through some Crackle ads for.

Eyes Wide Shut (Fubo)

Best described as an erotic thriller, this marks Kubrick’s final film, the final cut of which he completed mere days before his death.

Eyes Wide Shut was a lengthy, 400-day production, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a married couple who are having issues. She reveals she’s contemplated having an affair, and he retaliates by infiltrating an underground sex cult of sorts.

It’s even stranger than it sounds. Many conspiracy theorists speculate Kubrick was attempting to expose the Illuminati or some other secret society, but investigate those threads at your own risk!

Best Stanley Kubrick movies streaming now (March 2020)
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Fear and Desire (IMDB TV)

This 1953 flick marked Kubrick’s directorial debut. Without the resources of the studio system, he produced it on his own, and served as cinematographer and editor as well.

It’s a low-budget, black-and-white war drama that’s only a little over an hour long. However, there’s a lot packed into this movie, and it signals the promise Kubrick has as a filmmaker.

Kubrick’s mature commentary on the horrors of war and gripping, momentous plot make Fear and Desire a fascinating first film. The score is also unsettling and haunting to add to the dark atmosphere.

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Full Metal Jacket (Fubo)

Vincent D’Onofrio gained 70 pounds to play Private Pyle. Lee Ermey’s relentlessly profane drill instructor character was instantly iconic. Those two characters alone make Full Metal Jacket amazing.

But that’s not all that made the auteur’s penultimate movie a classic. The thematic substance is an expansion upon what he explored in Fear and Desire, so seeing that can help viewers appreciate Full Metal Jacket more and show how Kubrick grew as a filmmaker over the years.

Lead actor Matthew Modine is the main protagonist and delivers a strong central performance in what’s widely considered among the best war movies of all-time.

The Killing (Amazon Prime Video)

To close out this list of best Kubrick movies streaming, we arrive at another one of his earlier works, released in 1956.

Still a fledgling filmmaker at the time, Kubrick landed Sterling Hayden to star in this noir mystery. Hayden plays a criminal named Johnny Clay who’s trying to pull off a $2 million heist at a racetrack.

Adding to the fun is that Kubrick crafted a nonlinear story, which was certainly uncommon at the time. It helps The Killing hold up even today. At only 84 minutes, you can breeze right through this hidden gem in Kubrick’s early filmography.

The Shining (HBO Max)

A Clockwork Orange (Fubo)

Lolita (HBO Max)

2001: A Space Odyssey (HBO Max)

Spartacus (Peacock)

Best Quentin Tarantino movies streaming now

Quentin Tarantino is one greatest writer-directors ever, so it’s worth checking out the best Tarantino movies streaming this month.

With his loquacious, snappy dialogue, impassioned homages to his cinematic influences and masterful craftsmanship, QT is among the GOATs for sure.

The only sad thing is, he’s said he’ll retire after 10 films. His latest, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is considered to be his ninth movie. But maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll continue creating in other capacities. He’s hinted as much before.

No further ado — let’s get into the best of Tarantino’s movies streaming right now.

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The Hateful Eight + Extended Version (Netflix)

The final act of the typical Tarantino flick — especially the more recent ones — tends to be filled with stylized violence and multiple prominent characters biting the dust. The Hateful Eight is no exception, yet other than that patented sequence, it’s one of the auteur’s quieter films.

What’s neat is Netflix has both the theatrical version of the movie, and an extended version, divided into a miniseries. This longer cut runs 43 minutes longer (210 minutes versus 167 minutes).

Returning Tarantino collaborators include Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Walton Goggins, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern and Tim Roth. The rest of the star-studded cast features Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Channing Tatum, who are both brilliant.

Inglourious Basterds (Unavailable)

Christoph Waltz won the first of his two Oscars working with Tarantino for his role as SS Colonel Hans Landa. The multilingual, menacing villain may be QT’s greatest character creation.

This movie wouldn’t have worked without Waltz, but we can’t overlook the hammy brilliance of Brad Pitt’s performance at Lt. Aldo Raine. He leads the “basterds,” a crew that crusades to murder Nazis.

Endlessly quotable and constantly compelling with a wild, surprising finale, Inglourious Basterds is summarized best in its last line. It’s spoken by Pitt, as an analog for Tarantino: “I think this just might be my masterpiece.”

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Jackie Brown (HBO MAX)

Quick aside: almost half the movies on this list are on Starz. So, check out the add-on through either Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, or go to Starz directly.

Perhaps overlooked in the QT catalog, Jackie Brown stars Pam Grier as the central star of this blaxploitation film.

This marks the only time Tarantino has adapted a screenplay. It comes from the 1995 novel Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard. The movie’s story is about Jackie smuggling money from Mexico for her boyfriend Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson).

Jackie is caught, and a complicated plot unfolds from there. Robert De Niro, Michael Keaton, Bridget Fonda and Robert Foster are among the supporting players in this fun crime thriller.

Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2 (MAX Go)

Can’t have one without the other! Uma Thurman stars as The Bride, who’s on a quest for revenge against the titular character of this two-part yarn.

Tarantino pays tribute to martial arts, samurai movies and exploitation films across the two movies. Thurman is brilliant in all the beautifully gory action sequences.

If you’re into pure action and fight choreography, Kill Bill is for you. Add on top of that all the great ingredients Tarantino brings to the table, and you’ve got an extremely rewatchable saga.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Starz)

Best Quentin Tarantino movies streaming now (March 2020)
Credit: Columbia Pictures

It premieres very late on the calendar, but it’s well worth the wait to have Tarantino’s latest film. Plus, STARZ is on a discount deal right now, so what better time to gain access to this multiple Oscar-nominated epic?

Brad Pitt won every major accolade for his role as stunt man/valet to washed-up TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Leo got a Best Actor nom as well, and they’re brilliant together.

This is Tarantino’s love letter to Hollywood, with a fascinating narrative rooted in historical fiction. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood may feature the most brilliant, hilarious and violent payoff in recent cinema memory. Just avoid spoilers, please.

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Pulp Fiction (AMC+)

Quick pro tip: the last couple movies on this list are on Starz. So, check out a free, seven-day trial for the add-on through either Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

Pulp Fiction is the movie that confirmed Tarantino as a creative force of nature. It received seven Oscar nomination, winning for Best Original Screenplay — and deservedly so.

Tarantino seamlessly assembles multiple vignettes that overlap and interconnect despite being told out of sequence.

Between the mysterious briefcase MacGuffin, John Travolta’s career-reviving role and his incredible chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson, there’s enough on their story thread alone to make this so much fun.

However, add in the fact that Uma Thurman, Ving Rhames and Bruce Willis all crush their parts too, and Pulp Fiction becomes a mind-blowing movie experience.

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Reservoir Dogs (HBO MAX)

Finally, to round out this list of best Tarantino movies streaming, we arrive at his feature debut as a director.

An excellent ensemble populates Reservoir Dogs, which like Pulp Fiction, doesn’t adhere to typical linear narrative structure. It’s about a group of bank robbers and a job gone bad. How do they deal with the aftermath?

Sounds simple enough. But with Tarantino’s typical dramatic flair and a game cast, this elevates to an instant classic you must see if you haven’t yet.

Cord Cutting: Best streaming services for conservatives

Finding streaming services for conservatives is easy when you know where to look. When you don’t, there’s nothing worse than being stuck with shows, movies, and documentaries that don’t fit your personal values.

It’s impossible to avoid everything you disagree with. Yet, if you’re a cord-cutting conservative, these six services can put you in a position to navigate bumps in the streaming road.

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Disney+ ($7.99 monthly)

The one-stop-shop for family-friendly content is Disney+. The streaming giant only includes content suitable for kids and family. This is guaranteed, as all mature content is segmented on a separate service called Hulu.

Disney+ only includes on-demand content, ranging from classic movies including The Sound of Music to hits of the ’90s like Sister Act. It also owns major intellectual properties like Star Wars, Marvel, and all Pixar movies. In terms of services, there’s none bigger or better for conservatives available right now.

You can find the Disney+ app everywhere, including on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon devices, all app stores including Xbox and Playstation.

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Frndly TV ($9.99 monthly)

If you’re looking for an affordable family and faith-based streaming service, then Frndly TV is the best option available.

It includes live streaming TV and on-demand content from major cable networks. These include The Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, Game Show Network, UPtv, PixL, and Light TV.

You can find the Frndly TV app on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon devices, Chromecast, or watch online via web browsers. Frndly TV apps are also available on the Apple and Android stores for streaming on mobile devices.

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CBS All Access/Paramount+ ($9.99 monthly)

CBS All Access includes a variety of classic TV shows like Perry Mason, I Love Lucy, and Hawaii Five-O. It also has a healthy selection of crime shows ranging from NCIS, to Blue Bloods. Additionally, the brand-new Star Trek show called Picard will be streamed on the service.

Even better is that if you’re an NFL fan on a budget, CBS All Access is essential. It’s the cheapest way to have access to a good collection of live games each week. What else could a cord-cutting conservative need?

CBS All Access is supported by Amazon devices, Apple TV, the Apple store, Android, Chromecast, PlayStation, Roku, and Xbox.

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YouTube (free)

YouTube is a conservative’s dream. Whatever your opinion, you’ll find like-minded videos to stream. Having YouTube in your living room on the big screen is a game-changer. The only downside is that it can be time-consuming to find what you want to watch.

This one negative is quickly overcome, though. The more you search and follow certain content, the more accurately YouTube will curate content for you. This is how you’ll find great content like Louder with Crowder, or learn about conservative rock stars like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.

YouTube is available on everything, from console to cell phone. If you’ve got a device that can connect to the internet, you’ve already got YouTube. Add in the fact it’s free, and YouTube is one of the best streaming services for conservatives.

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YouTube TV ($64.99 monthly)

If you’re looking for a less brutal cord-cutting experience, then YouTube TV is everything you like about pay TV, but streaming.

YouTube TV includes 70 channels, ranging from ABC, NBC, CBS, and AMC, to local stations in your area. Like with CBS All Access and YouTube, your own discretion is needed when seeking out content. It’s not all conservative, but YouTube TV is the best option if you want to stream Fox News.

A bigger downside to YouTube TV is that there are additional channels that can be added at more cost. For example, Showtime costs $7 more monthly. Despite cutting the cord, the price of YouTube TV doesn’t exactly cut the cost.

HBO Max ($14.99)

HBO Max has arrived for the monthly price of $15. With it is the best back catalog of content. Content includes The Wire, Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, and Succession. On top of the best shows, the service has classic movies like Casablanca and the family-friendly movie series Harry Potter.

HBO Max’s back catalog has numerous shows and movies that fit a conservative outlook. However, the original shows announced for 2020 and beyond are very liberal-leaning. It is likely the service will require conservative viewer discretion in the future.

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Best Netflix movies to watch stoned (February 2021)

If you are offended by the combination of drugs and great movies check out our Best Star Wars Movies Streaming On Disney+ list instead. This best Netflix movies to watch stoned list is not for you!

In homage to the rescinding laws surrounding certain mind-altering substances. SNIPdaily’s editor and future star Matt Fitzgerald and I pick out five movies each.

This is our curated collection of Netflix movies that go well with Rizla and snacks. Read on for our picks!

Best Netflix movies to watch stoned

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (Fubo)

(Fitzgerald) The fact that there’s a tender story embedded in a movie with this title is mind-boggling enough. Couple that with the deadpan comedic prowess of Craig Robinson, and before you know it you’ll have the giggles really hard.

Leading this picture are Elizabeth Banks’ Miri and Seth Rogen, a prolific stoner, as Zack. They’re roommates and longtime friends, and turn to desperate means — making an adult film — to try to make ends meet.

Things naturally get complicated when Zack and Miri decide to star together, testing their friendship and making them question whether maybe, just maybe, they’re meant to be more than friends.

Kevin Smith wrote and directed this thing (probably high) too, so he indubitably had under-the-influence viewers in mind when penning the jokes. But this movie blows the mind on multiple levels — an ideal experience for purposes of this exercise!

Goon (Hoopla)

(Beckett) Reckless carnage on ice. Seann William Scott nails it as a punchbag with teeth. His relationship with Alison Pill’s “ladette” Eva is callous but if high — laughable. Her boyfriend is a tool! 

The ever-fun Eugene Levy once again takes “that” role. This time as a disapproving father rather than a supportive one. Talk about range! One look at Levy will trigger apple pie Jason Biggs flashbacks. He did put his hips into it. And if I need to tell you what movie I’m talking about, jog on!

But it’s best bud Pat that steals the stoner show, so to speak. His foul-mouthed antics make this perfect viewing. Everyone watching will try to remember where they’ve heard his voice before.

Lines like “I think my eyeballs just ejaculated” won’t make it easy. Pat, played by Jay Baruchel, voices Hiccup from Dreamworks’ kids movie How To Train Your Dragon. Surprise!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

(Fitzgerald) This groundbreaking achievement in animation, family friendly though it is, will allow your consciousness to transcend the mundane if you toke up beforehand.

Who has a better voice to hear while high than Jake Johnson? He’s tremendous as an alternate-universe, beer-gutted, pizza-chomping burnout version of Peter Parker.

Oh wait, I might have an answer for that “better voice” question: Nicolas Cage. Yup, he’s in this too, but that’s enough of a spoiler to tease the film.

The reigning Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature is a trippy visual affair you won’t want to miss.

Trainspotting (CBS All-Access)

(Beckett) A movie about drugs for stoners! The irony. Writer John Hodge had two great scripts in him and Danny Boyle made the most of both of them. Shallow Grave was amazing but Trainspotting was generational!

Ewan McGregor made his name here. From diving into a rancid toilet to sleeping with an underage Kelly MacDonald. Yep, that actress from Boardwalk Empire. His stardom rocketed — and all because of an iconic Iggy Pop “Lust For Life” chase sequence. 

But let’s forget McGregor. It was Ewen Bremner’s Spud and Robert Carlyle’s Begbie who rode the mind-f*** carousel! One scene sums up Trainspotting: Spud brings his bed sheets down to clean for reasons you don’t want to know. A tug-of-war ensues and “it” goes everywhere. On everyone.

Throw in Begbie’s random acts of violence and this is stoner heaven (or hell). Definitely one of the best Netflix movies to watch stoned.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

(Fitzgerald) If Spider-Verse is an animated comic book come to life, Scott Pilgrim is like the live-action version of that.

Michael Cera stars as Scott Pilgrim, who tries to date this lady, but has video-game, Mortal Kombat-style battles with her seven evil exes.

The second evil ex, portrayed by Chris Evans just before he became Captain America, is a notable standout. Just think about the stoic, quiet subtlety of Evans’ Cap, and soak in his epic on-screen entrance as an ultra-macho waking nightmare. He’s like a cross-parody of Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood.

You’ll be entranced by the effects in this film alone. And watching Cera do Cera things in this altered state of mind is actually more enjoyable than you might think.

Co-written and directed by Edgar Wright, it’s another stoner special in his filmography that features Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzz, and Baby Driver among others.

Equilibrium (Cinemax)

(Beckett) Equilibrium is next-level for the “medically enlightened”. It’s a movie about oppressing human emotion to make a peaceful world. It’s an interesting scenario perfect for a stoner’s metaphysical state. Plus it has ridiculous gun-fu to jump around to. 

Emily Watson has the line, “It’s circular. You exist to continue your existence. What’s the point?” It’s a line that deserves analysis but like anything in “high”-fidelity — it’ll end up looping back to Inception and The Matrix. It’s inevitable like Cheetos dust down a Fidel Castro t-shirt!

The superb Christian Bale stars alongside Ned Stark (Sean Bean), and Sean Pertwee. Bale’s character goes from being emotionless to full of feelings. And all he needed to do was stop taking the Tetragrammaton’s mind-altering drugs — irony? 

Spring Breakers (Showtime)

(Fitzgerald) Four young women raise money for a spring break trip by descending into a life of drugs, violence and crime. Even when they initially score the bucks to take the vacation, their issues multiply.

This is a seriously intense viewing experience. James Franco co-stars as a guy named Alien, which is fitting. Franco essentially looks like the rapper RIFF RAFF and sounds like him, too. Alien “mentors” the ladies and furthers their criminal exploits.

Keeping this intentionally vague, rest assured the plot is absolutely bonkers. The way these girls “get into character” before their initial robbery will make your head spin like Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist.

Oh, and the scene transitions are often marked by the click of a gun. All of this and more contributes to a roller-coaster psychedelic ride. It is twisted.


(Beckett) You don’t expect to see Harry Potter drunk and p*ssing on his dead girlfriend’s sigil. Especially the girlfriend he’s accused of killing! What makes this Daniel Radcliffe role so freaky is that — he’s got horns sprouting out of his head and no one cares. 

It’s directed by the guy who did The Hills Have Eyes and Mirrors but don’t worry, Horns is good! What Alexandre Aja has done with Radcliffe and Max Minghella is make a movie to ruin friendships.

Harry’s… I mean Igy’s (Radcliffe) horns have the power to make people confess dark secrets. It’s hilarious and savage. Check out this clip on YouTube for a foul-mouthed example. The moment a stoner thinks the unedited truth is good, and they will during this movie — they’ll be friendless. Consider yourselves warned!

Sin City (CBS All-Access)

(Fitzgerald) This film is directly adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name. Like, so directly that there aren’t any screenwriting credits.

Miller co-directed with Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino even contributed some direction. If that gives you any idea of what you’re in for.

Sin City is a moody, ultra-violent neo-noir divided into six episodes with an outstanding ensemble cast. It’s shot in black-and-white for the most part, but specific color choices make for stark visual contrasts.

Mickey Rourke plays a hulking, brooding and nearly indestructible character named Marv. Other serious standouts include Elijah Wood’s cannibalistic killer Kevin, and Nick Stahl as the “Yellow Bastard.”

Stahl and Wood look downright creepy, terrifying and are among the most menacing characters I’ve ever seen on screen. It’s more of a movie to watch if you’re into rather disturbing fare. Just be warned that Sin City may mess you up even if you’re not under the influence!

BASEketball (Peacock)

(Beckett) Stoner royalty — Matt Stone and Trey Parker, of South Park fame — also made movies once upon a time.

Classics like Cannibal: The Musical and Orgazmo are great but niche. In BASEketball, the South Park creators did something mainstream. A sports movie. 

BASEketball is all about hope, love, friendships, giant wangers, and child slavery. If you’ve ever seen an episode of South Park and thought “this ain’t for me” — avoid this movie! For someone checking out and wanting a good time, it’s perfection.  

From insane gross-outs to songs about putting cream on genital warts. BASEketball is a home run. Released in 1998, it dodged the political correctness wave. Today it would get slaughtered and that’s why stoners love it. It’s the best Netflix movies to watch stoned!

Best streaming shows this month (January 2021)

Want to know the best streaming shows this month? You’ve come to the right place!

These are the 10 we’re watching now, or top picks for what we’re waiting for. From the surprisingly good See to the hotly anticipated second season of The Mandalorian in October, there’s plenty to be excited for.

We give you key information, the Rotten Tomatoes verdict, and release dates if they’re not out yet. If you prefer movies, check out this month’s best now.

If you’re still here, let’s begin!

His Dark Materials (HBO MAX)

The plot: Set in a parallel universe where magic, science, and theology intermingle. We follow the story of Lyra, an orphan with a mysterious past and a future tied to a prophecy. Her journey begins with the search for a missing friend and the reveal of a phenomenon called Dust.

What you need to know:

  • Developed by BBC Studios, New Line Cinema, and Bad Wolf.
  • It has the biggest BBC budget ever and Season 2 is already commissioned.
  • It’s based on Phillip Pullman’s Northern Lights book series.
  • The show’s written by Olivier Award- and Tony Award-winning playwright Jack Thorne.
  • Episodes are released weekly.

The verdict: On Rotten Tomatoes critics have rated the show at 80 percent, while the audience rated it 83 percent. His Dark Materials is one of the best new streaming shows so far this year!

See (Apple TV+)

The plot: Everyone is blind, and the ability to see is considered witchcraft. Warrior and tribe chieftain Baba Voss’ wife gives birth to a set of twins. Voss is not the biological father — an outlaw with the ability to see is. Treachery unfolds as rumors spread, and a tyrannical queen chases the tribe down for the twins.

What you need to know:

  • You can watch two episodes for free now.
  • Created by Steven Knight of Peaky Blinders‘ fame.
  • The Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence directed the first three episodes of See.
  • It stars Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Alfre Woodard (Empire and Luke Cage)
  • Episodes are released weekly.

The verdict: On Rotten Tomatoes critics have rated the series 41 percent so far, while the audience has rated it 87 percent. See is a massive surprise from Apple. Don’t let the trailers put you off — it’s one of the best streaming shows this month.

The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

The plot: Set in the cutthroat world of breakfast television. Jennifer Aniston’s co-host Steve Carrell gets fired amidst a sexual misconduct scandal. Aniston then ends up fighting to keep her job as the breakfast show looks to have a career rebound of her own.

What you need to know:

  • You can watch two episodes for free now!
  • Hollywood A-listers Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, and Jennifer Aniston star.
  • Created by Jay Carson; Kerry Ehrin is a main writer and Mimi Leder directs the first two episodes. Credits include House of Cards, Bates Motel and Vanished.
  • Episodes are released weekly.

The verdict: On Rotten Tomatoes, critics have rated the series 63 percent so far, with audiences rating it 94 percent.

For All Mankind (Apple TV+)

The plot: In an alternative history during the race to the Moon, Russia gets their first. Unlike our own history, the space race doesn’t end, and the United States becomes desperate to be the first to put a woman on the moon.

What you need to know:

  • You can watch two episodes for free now on Apple TV+.
  • The show creators include Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Ben Nedivi (Fargo), and Matt Wolpert (The Umbrella Academy).
  • According to Moore, the idea of the show came about during lunch with former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman.
  • Episodes are released weekly.

The verdict: On Rotten Tomatoes critics have rated the series 71 percent so far, with audiences rating it 85 percent.

The End Of The F****** World (Netflix)

The plot: Teenager James thinks he is a psychopath, and Alyssa is the new girl at school. They come together as Alyssa persuades James to take a road trip in search of her real father. The second season sees this story continue with a new traveler, Bonnie.

What you need to know:

  • Based on the award-winning comic books by Charles Forsman.
  • The show was created by Jonathan Entwistle, who normally shoots ads for Netflix, Nike, and PayPal.
  • All episodes of Season 2 are available now.
  • Season one released January 2018.

The verdict: On Rotten Tomatoes critics rate the series 93 percent, with audiences rating it at 90 percent.

The Mandalorian (Disney+)

The plot: The show is set five years after Return of the Jedi, and 25 years before The Force Awakens. The Mandalorian follows a bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the New Republic.

What you need to know:

  • The Mandalorian is the first-ever live-action Star Wars TV series.
  • It’s exclusive to Disney+, which means its trailers mature tone will actually be fine for families.
  • The show was written by Jon Favreau (Chef, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King), and George Lucas was creatively involved.
  • Disney has spent $100 million on Season 1.
  • Pedro Pascal stars; credits include Narcos and Game of Thrones.

The verdict: The Mandalorian is a must watch show for any Star Wars fan. From the story, through its characters and production value, it’s absolute top-tier and makes the Disney+ subscription worthwhile.

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime Video)

The plot: Set in a parallel universe where Germany and Japan won World War II. Season 1 begins in 1962, with the United States split into two nations. The east is controlled by Germany, while the west is controlled by Japan. The story focuses on the discovery of newsreels that show an alternate timeline where both nations lost.

What you need to know:

  • Based on the 1962 book by Philip K. Dick, whose source material has served adaptations such as Blade Runner, Minority Report and The Adjustment Bureau.
  • The opening episode in 2015 was Amazon’s most-watched original series pilot.
  • The show was developed by Frank Spotnitz, whose credits include The X-Files, Crossing Lines, and Ransom.
  • Executive producers include Ridley Scott.

Verdict: On Rotten Tomatoes, critics have rated the series 81 percent, with audiences rating it 89 percent.

The Crown (Netflix)

The plot: The Crown tells the story of the second half of the 20th century from the perspective of England’s two most famous addresses: Buckingham Palace and No. 10 Downing Street.

What you need to know:

  • Claire Foy has won Golden Globe and Emmy Awards for her performances in the show.
  • The show has been nominated for many awards including the Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, and Emmy Awards since 2016.
  • The show has been highlighted for historical inaccuracy by The Wall Street Journal.
  • Lead actress Claire Foy was replaced by Oscar winner Olivia Colman in season 3.

Verdict: On Rotten Tomatoes, critics have rated the show 89 percent and audiences 90 percent.

The Dragon Prince (Netflix)

The plot: Elves attempt to assassinate the human King Harrow and his heir, Prince Ezran. Ezran, his brother Callum and an elf named Rayla embark on a journey to return the stolen dragon egg so that the conflict can end.

What you need to know:

Verdict: On Rotten Tomatoes, critics rated the show 100 percent and the audience rated it 93 percent.

Servant (Apple TV+)

The plot: A Philadelphia couple suffers a tragedy, and as the couple is in mourning, they let in a young nanny. It soon becomes clear things aren’t quite as they seem.

What you need to know:

  • There are 10 episodes in the first season, each running for 30 minutes.
  • Cast includes Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Nell Tiger Free (Game of Thrones), and Toby Kebbell (Warcraft).
  • M. Night Shyamalan directs two episodes of the show. Credits include Glass, Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense.
  • Show creator Tony Basgallop’s credits include Hotel Babylon.

Verdict: This is Apple TV+ best show so far. It’s dark, twisted and absolutely compelling. Check out our review for Servant now.

Ranking the best streaming services this month (January 2021)

What are the best streaming services available in the fall of 2020? This ranking of the best streaming services may surprise you, as Netflix is no longer number one on the list.


A string of massive TV hits over the years gives HBO MAX a variety of great content in that medium to hang its hat on. Whether it be past hits like The Wire or The Sopranos, or modern classics like Succession, Game of Thrones or Barry.

One fair criticism is the service doesn’t often shuffle around its movies or really expand its catalog in that regard, however that has changed with the launch of HBO MAX. The back catalog is amazing. The services continues to swap the Warner Bros. catalog of movies, yet also movies from other movie studios. And there’s no Cinemax offering as part of HBO MAX, which is a huge disappointment.

The coup de grace? With HBO MAX being the exclusive home of Friends now, the service has surpassed Netflix to the best streaming service.

2. Disney+

Let’s talk about Mouse House’s groundbreaking initiative. With ownership over many key IPs, Disney was poised to have a massively successful streamer upon its November 12 launch.

The content kings have a monopoly on family entertainment between their own animated movies and Pixar’s — not to mention Star Wars and the most profitable blockbuster tent-pole property of all-time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Star Wars’ The Mandalorian is the first live-action TV show in a galaxy far, far away, and it’s earned rave reviews. Now all episodes are available to stream in 4k. Season 2 arrives on October 30, 2020.

Here’s the issue: Disney relies so much on back catalog right now, so any streaming service that cycles in a ton of new content gets my attention more. That’s why Disney+ doesn’t quite ascend among the best streaming services yet.

3. Netflix

The O.G. streaming providers boast the largest subscriber base, and offer incredible entertainment selection to earn the top spot among best streaming services.

For all the swings and misses Netflix has in greenlighting a great many projects, they have huge hits that defy the odds. Look no further than Stranger Things, a show widely rejected by major networks before becoming a full-blown cultural phenomenon around the world.

Similar to how Amazon operated in the red for years before becoming its own empire of sorts, Netflix is investing heavily in content in the hopes it’ll pay off.

A spectacular 2019 featured Netflix releasing Marriage Story and The Irishman. Both were, as predicted, awards-season darlings and netted Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. Unfortunately 2020 has produced the wins that 2019 did for Netflix. Althought Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness did set a new bar for pop culture references.

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4. Hulu

Part of Disney’s Fox acquisition means Disney in fact has full control of Hulu. That essentially means whatever content Disney+ decides isn’t part of its vision, Hulu will take.

Forming an alliance with Disney isn’t exactly a negative, though. As for the clear positives for this service specifically, it boasts a strong base of 28 million subscribers.

Hulu has most notably developed their own TV series such as Stephen King adaptations 11/22/63 and Castle Rock, along with the critically acclaimed The Handmaid’s Tale and the underrated, Aaron Paul-led show The Path, among others.

It’s Hulu’s movie catalog that gives it another big plus for subscribers. With titles like The Art of Self-Defense, Booksmart, Bumblebee, Fighting With My Family, Ingrid Goes West, Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Sorry to Bother You, Hulu has a little bit of everything for movie lovers.

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5. Apple TV+

Ranking the best streaming services this month (March 2020)
Credit: Apple TV+

Apple had to get in on this streaming competition at some point. The company is too technologically advanced and pioneering not to, and it officially did on November 1, 2019.

Although there’s a distinct disadvantage in that it’s starting essentially from scratch from a content production standpoint, if anyone can figure it out, it’s Apple. Disney+ got a lot of the novelty shine initially, but Apple TV+ is earning it of late. It’s even outpacing Hulu and Disney+ in subscribers.

A massive lineup of self-produced TV shows and movies was revealed through a press release in September. A-list actors such as Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Samuel L. Jackson and Jason Momoa are involved, not to mention a new thriller from M. Night Shyamalan.

March saw Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories reboot brings some much needed new content to the platform, but episodes so far haven’t held our attention.

Apple TV+ has really started strong in original programming. The Morning Show is an unflinching look at news, and Shyamalan’s Servant is off to a roaring start. Even Dickinson and See have been surprisingly good to begin.

6. Amazon Prime Video

The technology company has a ton of global influence in multiple industries, and Prime’s foray into the entertainment business has been another smashing success. Unfortunately when it comes to their streaming service, Amazon has struggled in 2020.

Our sense is that Amazon is moving Prime Video into the sports world more than content production. And let’s call it what it is: Hulu and Amazon get the same movies every month, so that’s hardly a reason to have both services.

On the plus side, Prime members consistently enjoy the best movie selection, which mixes in classics more consistently than most other platforms. Users don’t have to wade through quite as many original titles as Netflix, making the menu easier to navigate.

More familiar films without an oversaturation of original content help Amazon’s in-house stories to stand out better from the crowd.

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7. Peacock

The services feels more like a promotional vehicle for their traditional channels (NBC, NBC Sports, NBC News) than a streaming service in many.

The movie catalog is pathetic. While you’ll find certain gems like Pyscho, Talk Radio, Reservoir Dogs, and Fletch from time to time, the entire Universal movie studio catalog is not online. What is available are usually about 30 movies you may have heard of and then a list of 100+ movies you did not know existed. It’s a bad offering the Comcast-owned Peacock.

The good news is that if you’re a fan of reality TV, Peacock may the service for you. With a slew of Kardashian shows to The Real Housewives, Peacock is an epic train wreck of reality-drama binge-fest

8. CBS All Access/Paramount+

Beyond a limited selection of movies, there’s a slate of 10 original TV shows, three of which are based around Star Trek and none of which have to do with the celebrated movie trilogy of recent years.

What really excited people initially in CBS’ feed is its revival of The Twilight Zone. This rebooted, beloved TV show is executive produced and hosted by Jordan Peele. His big hits as a writer-director (the films Get Out and Us) have made him arguably the most coveted creative mind in the business.

But now the focus has shifted to Star Trek: Picard, starring Patrick Stewart. The series has been well-received so far, and contributed to a subscriber boom.

CBS All Access (which will be renamed Paramount+ in 2021) has experienced steady growth since launching in October 2014. While it still has a ways to go to compete, the Viacom-CBS merger is big — and will boost its movie catalog via Paramount Pictures.

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9. Showtime

The knack this seemingly perpetual has to produce long-running, high-quality TV is undoubtedly impressive. There’s goodness to be found in Weeds, Shameless, Ray Donovan and Kidding — and even greater heights in the likes of Billions, Homeland and Dexter. Kidding is rolling out a new season now, which bumps this up a bit.

Since Showtime was a subsidiary of CBS, it’ll be interesting to see what happens now due to the ViacomCBS merger. Showtime has offered more mature content that wouldn’t clear regulations imposed on CBS’ own TV shows.

What also helps Showtime stand out is its heavy focus on boxing. Getting access to that sport in particular with its pay-per-view model is especially crucial and makes it less dispensable in the coming years.

Ideally in the coming years, Showtime will be rolled up into the Paramount+ network, so multiple offerings of CBS All Access and Showtime can be found on one service. Make it so, CBS!

10. YouTube

YouTube is starting to allow movies to stream for free with ads — and good ones at that! Consider that as of this writing, a YouTube user can log in, watch a brief ad at the top, and then view The Birdcage in its entirety without any further interruption.

That’s crazy, right?

Particularly with YouTube’s cutting-edge status and knack for innovation in creating a richer user experience, there could be some fascinating developments in the coming years as virtual reality technology continues to improve.

Expect YouTube to continue ascending among the best streaming services as it produces more original programming.

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Ranking the best Disney+ movies for adults (January 2021)

We all know Disney+ is the best for kids and families, but how about some titles more geared toward adults?

Once Disney acquired 21st Century Fox and cut a deal with Comcast, it also assumed full control of Hulu. That’s where much of the more mature under Disney’s umbrella will go.

Having said that, there are still some suitable films that’ll be on Disney+ upon launch aiming for a slightly older target audience. Check out this fun list of eight below.

1. Miracle on 34th Street

This 1947 gem is one that any generation can appreciate. Set in New York City between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s super wholesome and deals with a man who claims to be the real Santa Claus.

At the Academy Awards, Miracle on 34th Street took home three golden statues. Edmund Gwenn won Best Supporting Actor, and he’s the man who plays Kris Kringle.

The film won awards, too, for Best Original Story and Screenplay respectively. Those were separate categories back then. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of substance and heart to this yarn.

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2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Ranking the best Disney+ movies for adults (March 2020)
Credit: Disney

The sheer cinematic achievement of integrating live-action with animation was stunning in and of itself. Roger Rabbit’s comedic high jinks is kid-friendly enough, but there’s far more going for this film than that.

When you have a subplot based on Chinatown — IMHO, the best screenplay ever executed to film — you’re doing something right.

Legendary Doc Brown of Back to the Future fame, Christopher Lloyd, actually plays the villain here. And he’s terrifying! Legitimately menacing.

Set in classic Hollywood in the 1940s with animated characters and real people coexisting, there’s such a fascinating mash-up of genres going on here. It’s got that noir vibe to it, too, an aesthetic I personally adore.

Don’t miss Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on Disney+ — especially if you’re seeking something more adult-oriented. It won three Oscars!

3. Free Solo

Let’s go with a wild card. This won Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars earlier this year, and it’s definitely deserved.

Be warned: Free Solo is not for the faint of heart. Among Disney+ movies, this may even scare the adults. It follows the meticulous preparations of prolific rock climber Alex Honnold. He spends multiple years charting out every single move of his ascent up El Capitan in California’s Yosemite National Park.

The title refers to the style of climbing Honnold does to accomplish this stunning feat: scaling the entire, steep, slick wall without a harness, or rope or other equipment. All he has is a bag of chalk to help with grips and holds.

Honnold’s psychology is unique to say the least. That’s explored in the film — not to spoil too much. He also has his first serious girlfriend during this time, and that relationship is put to the test as Honnold faces, well, imminent death if he fails.

Documentaries often capture real-life drama in profound ways. Hard to imagine anything else in athletics quite this tension-filled and adrenaline-packed yet strangely serene.

4. Toy Story 3

All Pixar movies are headed to Disney+ ultimately, and at least upon launch that will include the first three movies in the Toy Story franchise. While the first two are undeniable classics of the genre, there’s something about the trilogy capper that transcends its predecessors.

The thematic substance of Toy Story 3 appeals to attentive adults looking for movies on Disney+ with greater depth. It captures the transition of actually giving up the toys — and who knew there could be believable life-and-death stakes involving toys? In animation, no less?

The voice talents of Tom Hanks’ Woody and Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear are always a delight. This movie was so good that almost every fan you talked to didn’t want another one. Toy Story 4 released to near-universal critical acclaim and is now on Disney+ too, yet it’s not quite as good as the third.

Children can indubitably enjoy Toy Story 3. That said, this is probably the chapter of the franchise that’ll give the adults the most cathartic feels.

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5. Up

It’s been such a wide variety so far, let’s change it up and stick with Pixar on this one.

Up is probably the studio’s most mature film to date. Despite being family-friendly, it’s gut-wrenching opening act really throws the viewer for a loop, but in the most poignant, moving way.

Just a hunch here: Up likely appeals to the widest adult demographic. That said, it isn’t simply on this list for the pure entertainment value or deep meaning older audience members can find in it.

Say a parent is getting to that point with their child where serious issues, like, say, death, are being discussed. A gentle yet effective way to introduce the concept is to explain what’s happening in Up, and create unforgettable memories and learning experiences around the movie.

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6. Tron

Ranking the best Disney+ movies for adults (March 2020)
Credit: Disney

The whole idea of simulation theory that inspired movies like The Matrix and countless other more contemporary science fiction movies got some of its roots from here.

Jeff Bridges stars in 1982’s Tron as a computer programmer who actually gets stuck inside a computer. What a cool premise, right, especially for the early ‘80s? Yes, the effects are a little dated, but there’s something vintage and endearing about this ambitious flick.

All kinds of spin-off media resulted from this property, including an animated TV series, video games, comic books and, yes, a long-awaited sequel, Tron: Legacy in 2010. Bridges returned for it, and it was divisive but better than many remember.

The main criticism of the original Tron is the groundbreaking visuals aren’t matched by a story with enough substance.

I don’t know — coming up with this concept of being stuck in a computer and executing such a wildly creative vision relatively well seems sufficient for Disney+ recommendation!

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7. Miracle

The conversations that can revolve around this movie transcend sports. It can be a fun way for adults to reflect on some of the landmark world history at stake.

In this Olympic hockey docudrama, Kurt Russell stars as Herb Brooks, the head coach of the heavy underdog USA hockey team, who defeated the powerhouse USSR in the 1980 Winter Games.

Director Gavin O’Connor deploys some guerilla-style cinematography here that’s uniquely engrossing, which adults surfing Disney+ should find a refreshing change from most other movies offered.

Russell’s passion wins the day and lifts this above what could’ve been extremely clichéd movie that is obvious in tipping its inevitable outcome.

Viewers can really get a sense of the grueling training the U.S. had to go through to even compete with their Cold War adversaries. Brooks was a demanding but inspiring motivator who has to go down as one of the best silver screen sports coaches ever.

8. The Greatest Game Ever Played

A golf movie. Sounds boring, right? I guess, but Shia LaBeouf really delivers here.

He carries the movie as an underdog amateur golfer whose disapproving father disparages his passion for the game. Ooh, the scenes between LaBeouf and his movie dad Elias Koteas are intense. It’s the kind of weight Disney+ movies aren’t supposed to pack for adults.

LaBeouf’s Francis Ouimet winds up competing against golf legends at the 1913 U.S. Open, and it turns into a wonderful, feel-good drama.

Child actor Josh Flitter plays Ouimet’s caddy and offers some great zingers and comic relief to cut the dramatic tension of the hotly competitive golf sequences.

By the modest Rotten Tomatoes score of 63 percent from critics, it’d be easy to scroll past this on the Disney+ queue. With all the kid-friendly titles on the new service, though, The Greatest Game Ever Played is an uplifting tale that’s a bit more mature.

Ranking the best movies on Hoopla this month (January 2021)

On the fence about signing up for Hoopla? You shouldn’t be, it’s got something for everyone. From comic capers to brutal foreign cinema. Check out these best movies on Hoopla for free!

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#10. Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

When sci-fi royalty turns up in a grindhouse B movie you know it’s either trash or epic. Hobo with a Shotgun is both and Rutger Hauer owns it.

Hauer is a homeless guy who puts himself through misery to save up for a lawnmower. The city’s run by criminals and every person’s out for themselves — this hobo’s had enough!

The movie cost $3,000,000 and most of that went to Hauer and the fake blood store. Many will loathe it but I loved it’s Death Wish homage.

#9. Scream (1996)

Scream reignited a popcorn culture’s passion for classic slasher movies. Movies like Halloween didn’t seem to be relevant anymore – until Scream.

No one cared about its Dawson’s Creek dialogue and 30-something school students. That ridiculousness and hammy acting made it all the more fun to watch.

Scream‘s secret sauce was killing superstar Drew Barrymore in the first scene. From that point no one was safe. The uncertainty of who’s next and a breakneck pace made Scream a big hit for hungry horror fans. 

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#8. Summer of 84 (2018)

One of the best movies on Hoopla this February is the Summer of 84. It’s Fright Night without the supernatural. It’s a whodunnit with kids and a neighborhood serial killer on the prowl.

Set in 1984 suburbia, our young heroes get sucked into the police investigation. Their curiosity turns into an obsession as their detective work goes awry.

What unfolds is creepy, twisted — but wonderful. If you’re hungry for a nostalgic best-buds movie that’s high on humor and suspense this will hit the spot.

#7. Battle Royale (2000)

Forty-two kids get sent to a deserted island to kill each other and the survivor gets to go home. It’s simple and brutal. The movie is based on a controversial Japanese book and is ultra-violent.

Battle Royale is shocking, jarring and a real study on the devolution of people under pressure. The only downside is that it’s not in English, so subtitles are the only way to enjoy! There is a US version, but it’s not as good.

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#6. Good Will Hunting (1997)

Before Jason Bourne and Batman were action stars they wrote Good Will Hunting.

Matt Damon is Will, a prodigy with a chip-on-his-shoulder struggling in Boston. Ben Affleck is Chuckie, Will’s best friend and one of life’s givers. The late Robin Williams plays Sean, Will’s therapist.

Williams signing on was the catalyst for the movie getting made and it’s a good job. The screenplay and Robin Williams won Academy Awards. If like me, you love anything about intelligent people with an attitude, then this is a must.

#5. A Fish Called Wanda (1988) Currently Unavailable

Don’t let its age put you off. A Fish Called Wanda is timeless and what happens when comedy genius John Cleese does a heist movie. It definitely one of the best movies on Hoopla right now.

Jamie Lee Curtis takes lead as a seductress willing to double-cross to get her true love — diamonds. While every character is perfect, Kevin Kline steals the show. Otto the idiot weapon expert is Kline’s best-ever performance — he’s hilarious!

If you’ve ever liked anything funny and British, get streaming. It’ll be 108-minutes well spent! 

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#4. Snatch (2001) Not currently available

Once upon a time, a Guy Ritchie movie was a big deal. He was London’s Tarantino. The writer-director made Snatch at the peak of his appeal. Ritchie pulled in Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro to star alongside regular collaborator Jason Statham.

Pitt’s Mickey O’Neil stands out for his Irish-gypsy accent — but Boris the Blade and Brick Top also make a big impact. If you love snappy dialogue and a gritty gruesome London then Snatch will be up your alley!

#3. The Crow (1994)

Brandon Lee, son of legendary Bruce Lee died while filming The Crow. His performance would have made him an action superstar! Think Christopher Nolan’s Batman, but with evil dialed up to ten.

The movie is about Lee’s character taking revenge with unstoppable supernatural power. He’s relentless — yet his actions never feel unjust.

The Crow is violent, but it’s nothing compared to what the bad guys do. The movie wasn’t scared to personify darkness, and that’s why it remains compelling to this day.

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#2. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Tucker and Dale could easily be the best movie on Hoopla this month. It starts at cliche and ends with a lovable hillbilly you can’t help but root for.

Taking the cabin in the woods set up and flipping stereotypes is brilliant. It’s a college-kids-gone-camping movie from the perspective of the hillbillies. Prejudices get weaponized and misunderstandings cause a banquet of accidental carnage.

Except for Shawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead, no other horror-comedies get close to Tucker and Dale. If you like blood and guts with your laughter, watch it now!

#1. No Country For Old Men (2007)

Coen Brothers? Check. Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Barden, and Josh Brolin? F*****’ check!

No Country For Old Men is the bee’s knees of movies. Some naysayers say it’s too slow. If comparing to Transformers or Fast & Furious, they have a point. By any other standard, it has the pacing of any great story.

It’s the cinematography, edit, and soundtrack that makes No Country for Old Men feel non-traditional. With its long scenes and empty soundtrack, Barden’s performance will give you chills. Definitely one of the best movies on Hoopla.