Best Netflix movies to watch stoned (February 2021)

Credit: Dimension Films

If you are offended by the combination of drugs and great movies check out our Best Star Wars Movies Streaming On Disney+ list instead. This best Netflix movies to watch stoned list is not for you!

In homage to the rescinding laws surrounding certain mind-altering substances. SNIPdaily’s editor and future star Matt Fitzgerald and I pick out five movies each.

This is our curated collection of Netflix movies that go well with Rizla and snacks. Read on for our picks!

Best Netflix movies to watch stoned

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (Fubo)

(Fitzgerald) The fact that there’s a tender story embedded in a movie with this title is mind-boggling enough. Couple that with the deadpan comedic prowess of Craig Robinson, and before you know it you’ll have the giggles really hard.

Leading this picture are Elizabeth Banks’ Miri and Seth Rogen, a prolific stoner, as Zack. They’re roommates and longtime friends, and turn to desperate means — making an adult film — to try to make ends meet.

Things naturally get complicated when Zack and Miri decide to star together, testing their friendship and making them question whether maybe, just maybe, they’re meant to be more than friends.

Kevin Smith wrote and directed this thing (probably high) too, so he indubitably had under-the-influence viewers in mind when penning the jokes. But this movie blows the mind on multiple levels — an ideal experience for purposes of this exercise!

Goon (Hoopla)

(Beckett) Reckless carnage on ice. Seann William Scott nails it as a punchbag with teeth. His relationship with Alison Pill’s “ladette” Eva is callous but if high — laughable. Her boyfriend is a tool! 

The ever-fun Eugene Levy once again takes “that” role. This time as a disapproving father rather than a supportive one. Talk about range! One look at Levy will trigger apple pie Jason Biggs flashbacks. He did put his hips into it. And if I need to tell you what movie I’m talking about, jog on!

But it’s best bud Pat that steals the stoner show, so to speak. His foul-mouthed antics make this perfect viewing. Everyone watching will try to remember where they’ve heard his voice before.

Lines like “I think my eyeballs just ejaculated” won’t make it easy. Pat, played by Jay Baruchel, voices Hiccup from Dreamworks’ kids movie How To Train Your Dragon. Surprise!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

(Fitzgerald) This groundbreaking achievement in animation, family friendly though it is, will allow your consciousness to transcend the mundane if you toke up beforehand.

Who has a better voice to hear while high than Jake Johnson? He’s tremendous as an alternate-universe, beer-gutted, pizza-chomping burnout version of Peter Parker.

Oh wait, I might have an answer for that “better voice” question: Nicolas Cage. Yup, he’s in this too, but that’s enough of a spoiler to tease the film.

The reigning Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature is a trippy visual affair you won’t want to miss.

Trainspotting (CBS All-Access)

(Beckett) A movie about drugs for stoners! The irony. Writer John Hodge had two great scripts in him and Danny Boyle made the most of both of them. Shallow Grave was amazing but Trainspotting was generational!

Ewan McGregor made his name here. From diving into a rancid toilet to sleeping with an underage Kelly MacDonald. Yep, that actress from Boardwalk Empire. His stardom rocketed — and all because of an iconic Iggy Pop “Lust For Life” chase sequence. 

But let’s forget McGregor. It was Ewen Bremner’s Spud and Robert Carlyle’s Begbie who rode the mind-f*** carousel! One scene sums up Trainspotting: Spud brings his bed sheets down to clean for reasons you don’t want to know. A tug-of-war ensues and “it” goes everywhere. On everyone.

Throw in Begbie’s random acts of violence and this is stoner heaven (or hell). Definitely one of the best Netflix movies to watch stoned.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

(Fitzgerald) If Spider-Verse is an animated comic book come to life, Scott Pilgrim is like the live-action version of that.

Michael Cera stars as Scott Pilgrim, who tries to date this lady, but has video-game, Mortal Kombat-style battles with her seven evil exes.

The second evil ex, portrayed by Chris Evans just before he became Captain America, is a notable standout. Just think about the stoic, quiet subtlety of Evans’ Cap, and soak in his epic on-screen entrance as an ultra-macho waking nightmare. He’s like a cross-parody of Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood.

You’ll be entranced by the effects in this film alone. And watching Cera do Cera things in this altered state of mind is actually more enjoyable than you might think.

Co-written and directed by Edgar Wright, it’s another stoner special in his filmography that features Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzz, and Baby Driver among others.

Equilibrium (Cinemax)

(Beckett) Equilibrium is next-level for the “medically enlightened”. It’s a movie about oppressing human emotion to make a peaceful world. It’s an interesting scenario perfect for a stoner’s metaphysical state. Plus it has ridiculous gun-fu to jump around to. 

Emily Watson has the line, “It’s circular. You exist to continue your existence. What’s the point?” It’s a line that deserves analysis but like anything in “high”-fidelity — it’ll end up looping back to Inception and The Matrix. It’s inevitable like Cheetos dust down a Fidel Castro t-shirt!

The superb Christian Bale stars alongside Ned Stark (Sean Bean), and Sean Pertwee. Bale’s character goes from being emotionless to full of feelings. And all he needed to do was stop taking the Tetragrammaton’s mind-altering drugs — irony? 

Spring Breakers (Showtime)

(Fitzgerald) Four young women raise money for a spring break trip by descending into a life of drugs, violence and crime. Even when they initially score the bucks to take the vacation, their issues multiply.

This is a seriously intense viewing experience. James Franco co-stars as a guy named Alien, which is fitting. Franco essentially looks like the rapper RIFF RAFF and sounds like him, too. Alien “mentors” the ladies and furthers their criminal exploits.

Keeping this intentionally vague, rest assured the plot is absolutely bonkers. The way these girls “get into character” before their initial robbery will make your head spin like Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist.

Oh, and the scene transitions are often marked by the click of a gun. All of this and more contributes to a roller-coaster psychedelic ride. It is twisted.


(Beckett) You don’t expect to see Harry Potter drunk and p*ssing on his dead girlfriend’s sigil. Especially the girlfriend he’s accused of killing! What makes this Daniel Radcliffe role so freaky is that — he’s got horns sprouting out of his head and no one cares. 

It’s directed by the guy who did The Hills Have Eyes and Mirrors but don’t worry, Horns is good! What Alexandre Aja has done with Radcliffe and Max Minghella is make a movie to ruin friendships.

Harry’s… I mean Igy’s (Radcliffe) horns have the power to make people confess dark secrets. It’s hilarious and savage. Check out this clip on YouTube for a foul-mouthed example. The moment a stoner thinks the unedited truth is good, and they will during this movie — they’ll be friendless. Consider yourselves warned!

Sin City (CBS All-Access)

(Fitzgerald) This film is directly adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name. Like, so directly that there aren’t any screenwriting credits.

Miller co-directed with Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino even contributed some direction. If that gives you any idea of what you’re in for.

Sin City is a moody, ultra-violent neo-noir divided into six episodes with an outstanding ensemble cast. It’s shot in black-and-white for the most part, but specific color choices make for stark visual contrasts.

Mickey Rourke plays a hulking, brooding and nearly indestructible character named Marv. Other serious standouts include Elijah Wood’s cannibalistic killer Kevin, and Nick Stahl as the “Yellow Bastard.”

Stahl and Wood look downright creepy, terrifying and are among the most menacing characters I’ve ever seen on screen. It’s more of a movie to watch if you’re into rather disturbing fare. Just be warned that Sin City may mess you up even if you’re not under the influence!

BASEketball (Peacock)

(Beckett) Stoner royalty — Matt Stone and Trey Parker, of South Park fame — also made movies once upon a time.

Classics like Cannibal: The Musical and Orgazmo are great but niche. In BASEketball, the South Park creators did something mainstream. A sports movie. 

BASEketball is all about hope, love, friendships, giant wangers, and child slavery. If you’ve ever seen an episode of South Park and thought “this ain’t for me” — avoid this movie! For someone checking out and wanting a good time, it’s perfection.  

From insane gross-outs to songs about putting cream on genital warts. BASEketball is a home run. Released in 1998, it dodged the political correctness wave. Today it would get slaughtered and that’s why stoners love it. It’s the best Netflix movies to watch stoned!