December 1, 2019 5:17 am

Best Netflix movies streaming this month (December 2019)

Credit: Netflix

Netflix is quickly becoming the place to go for blockbuster movies. Who needs the theatre when the streaming giant keeps giving us mega-budget hits and this month is no exception.

Below are the top ten best Netflix movies streaming this month.

The Game (84 percent)

If you’re all about 4K bells and whistles, skip this movie. It looks and sounds tired next to some of the other content you can stream. However, if you’re after something with a twist, The Game dazzles in all the right places. Great acting by Michael Douglas, and a slick story with a doozy of a twist. Plus, it’s a David Fincher movie, so you know it’s going to be good.

The King (85 percent)


It’s hard to comprehend what is happening at Netflix. They’re making movies that belong on the big screen, yet are handing them out within its subscription. The King belongs in a theatre. It deserves people lining up to buy tickets. If you’re looking for a muddy epic full of knights, kings and great acting, then here are 140 minutes looking to keep your company.

I Lost My Body (86 percent)

I Lost My Body tells the story of a severed hand making its way back to its body. It’s as surreal as it is fascinating, blending the journey back with memories of the life it once had. This movie is unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard before. Only skip if you don’t like animation.

The Irishman (86 percent)


What do Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, digital de-aging, the mob, and the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa have in common? Elements to deliver a Best Picture Oscar nomination for The Irishman. It’s going to happen, and it should. This is easily the best Netflix movie ever. The only question remaining: how many Academy Awards will it win?

Grease (87 percent)

Netflix rolled out some old-school magic in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Grease is the word — and according to Rotten Tomatoes reviewers, it ranks above The Irishman. It doesn’t make sense to me, but nostalgia rules, and Grease is pop culture royalty. It ain’t a bad movie if you like turned-up collars and John Travolta. Wella, Wella, Wella, huh!

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (77 percent)

Although Mike Myers made one too many Austin Powers movies, this original is outrageously good fun. It dodges politically correctness by coming out in 1997, long before feelings governed. It’s full of innuendo, big chest hair, and one-liners that became part of everyday life. International Man of Mystery is one movie that should be on your watchlist from December 1st. Yeah baby!

Malcolm X (91 percent)


Warning: fanboy mode kicking in. Denzel Washington is the man, and his movies are never disappointing. This biopic by Spike Lee is a dramatization of Malcolm X’s autobiography. It charts his story from Nationalist leader to a member of the Nation of Islam. If you don’t mind some of the facts being stretched by Lee, Malcolm X is a great movie to binge on from December 1st.

Marriage Story (87 percent)

Marriage Story stars Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, and Laura Dern. It’s written and directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Noah Baumbach, and is about divorce. It sounds simple, but it’s already turning critics’ heads. This should be on everyone’s watch list from December 6th, and is among four films Netflix will push during Oscar season.

6 Underground

If this movie can mix Ryan Reynolds’ humor with Michael Bay’s explosive direction, it’ll be relentless. What should give us all hope is that it’s penned by Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. If The Fast and the Furious meets Mission Impossible sounds like your kind of movie, this could be a perfect early Christmas present on December 15th.

The Two Popes

In 2002, there was a movie called City of God about the slums of Rio. It was out of this world. The director, Fernando Meirelles, then made The Constant Gardener — also amazing. This movie about Popes shouldn’t be this intriguing, yet Anthony Hopkins, in the hands of this director, could make this the best Netflix movie this month. It’s available on December 20th.