October 30, 2019 5:00 am

Best Apple TV+ shows this month (December 2019)

Apple TV+ See

With no real back catalog, Apple TV+ is reliant on fresh new shows to lure people in. So far, their service is fantastic if you’re looking for great new content on a weekly basis.

The Morning Show started slow but has become must-watch TV, and Servant is mesmerizing. For those shows alone Apple TV+ is worth every dime.

Oprah’s Book Club

You get a car! And you get a car! We all get f*cking cars! Whoever you are, you’ve gotta love Oprah Winfrey. She is an inspiration for everyone. Don’t believe me — read her biography. Considering everything she has achieved with the sh*t hand she got dealt — no one has an excuse.

It looks like Apple TV+ has given Oprah the freedom to do what she wants. There are two documentaries, one about toxic labor — sexual harassment in the workplace. It could be good. And the other with Prince Harry about mental health. For now, it’s Oprah’s Book Club that I’m picking out (it’s the only one available right now). 

I do love books, and it’s rare I get to talk about them with people. Being anti-social and all. So Oprah Winfrey’s book club gets a tick from me, depending on the books.  The first episode is all about The Water Dancer.

The downside of Oprah’s Book Club? It’s one episode every two months. WTF!


Steven Knight, creator of Peaky Blinders — one of the best shows ever made (in my opinion) also created See. The guy’s on a roll.

From cast to production quality, See is second to none. The performances, environments, and cinematography all come together to make an original story. One that you shouldn’t miss.

This is See‘s selling point, it’s unique. The first ten minutes are jarring, but only because it’s so different. A million thoughts will pop into your mind, each poking holes in this fantasy setting.

Rest assured, See explains everything and better still, every plot hole is filled intelligently. By the end, you’ll only have one question and that will be “what happens next?”

The Morning Show

The Morning Show revolves around a news program that has to deal with the sudden dismissal of lead co-anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) over sexual misconduct allegations.

It’s hard to remember Aniston being much better as an actor than she is here. She gives a deeply vulnerable and moving performance, and Witherspoon is an absolute hurricane in her own right.

Reviews of the show have been largely mixed thus far, with a 59 percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, critics are changing their opinions and the show is fast becoming Apple TV+’s most popular show. Check out our review here.


The show stars Hailee Steinfeld as legendary poet Emily Dickinson. It’s set in the mid-1800s in Amherst, Massachusetts. Her creativity is oppressed by societal norms, and she’s tormented by a complicated romance.

In the wrong hands, this could’ve gone horribly wrong. However, Steinfeld kills it as Dickinson in the first episode, titled, “Because I could not stop.” She has a quiet strength about her, yet also a serious passion that doesn’t have to be articulated to read emotionally.

Overall, this is definitely a series worth binging. All these clashing tones click together, and it’ll be fascinating to see if that can continue. For our review click here.


Servant is slow-paced but it uses that time to twist and squirm, making you rethink where the story is heading. From the first scene, it teases.

The show has a poignant mental health story, with husband, wife, and brother dealing with loss differently. It’s through their nanny that the dynamic of the Turner household changes and where the dark fantasy creeps in.

There’s dark comedy throughout, with the leads breaking up the tension with dialogue and moments that fit the setting perfectly. Servant is another unmissable Apple TV+ show, check out our review here.