November 27, 2019 8:31 pm

Best 90s movies streaming on Disney+

Credit: Disney

If you’re like me and grew up in the ’90s, you’re regularly looking for some nostalgic movies from those good old days — and this is where Disney+ rules. The new streamer is loaded with some of the biggest, family-friendly hits from every decade.

Here are 10 movies you can nostalgia-binge on, all on Disney+, from the ’90s — ranked in order of Rotten Tomatoes audience scores.

10. Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (24 percent)

Rotten Tomatoes audiences are cruel. It’s no Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, but 24 percent is harsh. Rick Moranis alone deserves 25 percent. Say what you want about its simple plot, ’90s visual effects, and cheesy one-liners — it sums up the ’90s perfectly. Big, messy, and full-on ridiculous.

9. Flubber (33 percent)

Best Disney+ 90s movies

C’mon, Flubber is better than this. It has slapstick comedy, decent effects for a 90’s flick and most importantly, Robin Williams. Even though he’s not at his best in this film, you can’t take your eyes off him. It’s got all the ingredients a fun family movie needs — and a flying Alexa.

8. Doctor Dolittle (34 percent)

This was the fourth movie in an Eddie Murphy metamorphosis from Raw comedian to family-friendly actor. Personally, I prefer my Mr. Murphy pre-and-post- this era, yet as a sucker for talking animals, Doctor Dolittle ticks that box. Considering how many people love funny animal YouTube videos, it’s surprising this movie isn’t rated higher.

7. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (61 percent)

Best Disney+ 90s movies

It was inevitable that Kevin McCallister would make this list of the best ’90s movies on Disney+. The question was whether Home Alone 2: Lost In New York would be higher or lower than the original. People are very critical of this sequel. Having watched them this month, they’re both fantastic fun with iconic moments, yet the first is better (and higher on this list).

6. Sister Act (65 percent)

There’s something about a Reno lounge singer hiding out with nuns that makes me happy. Could it be the uplifting songs, bumbling gangsters, or Whoopi Goldberg’s smile? No. It’s all down to my sister, who “encouraged” me to sing along as a teen. I’ll leave that for therapy and just say, it’s a feel-good movie that each year, by chance, ends up on my screen.

5. The Santa Clause (65 percent)

Best Disney+ 90's movies

Two things you should know: my wife loves Christmas movies, and I’m a big Tim Allen fan. It doesn’t happen often, but when those two things cross on a Venn diagram, whatever it is, we’ll be all over it. Luckily, this is one of the better Christmas movies available, and Mr. Allen gets plenty of one-liners. Thus, it’s a win-win for me and the boss.

4. Never Been Kissed (69 percent)

In the early ’90s, I had a mega-crush on Drew Barrymore. It didn’t hit the poster level, although it was close when she played Sugar in Batman Forever. Never Been Kissed is a fun, quirky movie that came out years after my crush faded. However, whenever I see Barrymore, it’s a real nostalgia hit. Plus, she’s fantastic in carrying this film.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You (69 percent)

Who could have predicted the trajectory that the late Heath Ledger was on when watching this movie? It’s so uplifting, with great teen comedy and characters —Bogey Lowenstein definitely included. Many of the main cast went onto do great shows and movies, including Numb3rs, Gotham and The Dark Knight. How this movie only gets 69 percent is beyond me. It should be on every teen’s watchlist.

2. Home Alone (80 percent)

Best Disney+ 90's movies

It’s the original and the best. From its iconic scenes to fantastic quips, if you’ve got family around and young kids watching, this is the movie you put on. Heck, no family, no kids? Still watch it! I’m going to call it: it’s not just one of the best Disney+ ’90s movies — it’s one of the best movies on Disney+ full stop. It’s everything good about the ’90s, and with each swinging paint tin hitting Joe Pesci in the face, another fond memory will flood back. It’s nostalgia feel-good heaven. Just don’t watch any Home Alone movies after the sequel, because they stink.

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol (86 percent)

As a big Michael Caine fan, the end sequence when Scrooge is good and he’s knocking Kermit’s door stops me in my tracks. I cannot be doing something else. It’s very much like how the mother controls the son in The Manchurian Candidate. There must be an activation or deactivation word in that sequence that makes my brain go “must watch.” Fingers crossed you have movies that do that, too. If so, tell us about them in the comments!