About SNIPdaily

SNIPdaily launched October 2017 and is the sports-celebrity-companion-site to the SNIP100.

Our goal for the SNIPdaily is to turn the data-driven rankings of the SNiP100 into enjoyable, consumable content. We want the SNIP to become the billboard charts of the sports world.

The SNIP100 rankings are generated via internet-wide, intense data crawls. The SNiP finds who is most popular and ranks them against everyone else, ongoing. This means media bias is balanced against yours, the fans opinion. No agenda’s here.  

The SNIPdaily specializes in off off-the-field events covering NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, Golf, NCAA Basketball, MLB, NHL, Boxing, UFC, Tennis, and NASCAR.  

We’ll always focus on sports stars, yet our content comes with a pop-culture angle, bringing in celebrity, lifestyle, politics and any other breaking news from “off” off-the-field antics. All the while following and presenting SNIP data.  

We encourage your participation on both the SNIPdaily and SNIP100 sites, via Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to use our Twitter Bot simply by @SNiPdailybot followed by any sports stars full name to see their rank.  

SNIP products are still evolving so please provide feedback and we’ll adapt where we can. Thank you.