Best Def Leppard albums, ranked all-time. Fan approved.

16Best Def Leppard albums

best def leppard albums

What are the best Def Leppard albums of all-time and what makes Def Leppard such a great band? Throughout their career, whether the year was 1979, 1987, 2002, or 2018, the boys from Sheffield, England have always been about the songs. And when you put all of those years and all of those songs together, you get 15 of the best hard rock albums of all-time which are now streaming on all major music services.

It should be noted, this is a hardcore list for Def Leppard super fans. This is NOT some casual list put together by a bunch of EDM-listening hacks who couldn’t name one Def Leppard song outside of “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” You know you’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore… And the legend of Def Leppard is way hardcore!