WATCH: Jay Cutler gives sound fashion advice to wife Kristin Cavallari

One would think Kristin Cavallari would hold her own style-wise given that she’s a fashion designer and TV personality, but her husband, NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, apparently calls the shots off the field, too.

In a video released by E! Entertainment on Monday, previewing the new show Very Cavallari, Cutler is seen helping Cavallari pick out her outfit of the day, claiming he selects “98 percent” of her clothes (h/t’s Aurelie Corinthios):

Cavallari shot to fame as a reality TV star in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She tied the knot with Cutler in 2013, and it seems she can handle his deadpan teasing based on this clip.

A former first-round pick of the Denver Broncos who played last season with the Miami Dolphins, Cutler has become as meme-able as any modern athlete thanks to the popularity of “Smokin'” Jay Cutler and his trademark, “I don’t give a damn” facial expression.

Some of these antics led to questions about his leadership ability and preparation habits as a quarterback, but no one can doubt Cutler’s decisiveness when it comes to his wife’s wardrobe. Maybe he was calling an audible to get out of a tight situation.

The Chicago Bears’ all-time leading passer, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, is pretty much done playing football. He’d teased retirement before the 2017 campaign before playing for Miami, but Cutler may well really be done this time.

Cutler was slated for an NFL TV gig at Fox Sports before he took the field for the Dolphins. That’s still a path he could explore, per Rapoport, but it’s apparent he’ll also be featured in Cavallari’s show.