Thailand youth soccer team, coach rescued from flooded cave

A Thailand youth soccer team and their coach were all finally rescued on Tuesday after 17 days of being trapped in a flooded cave.

ABC News reported on the relieving, most welcome news story on the Wild Boars team:

As The BBC reported, the first wave of boys were freed from the cave on Sunday, but it still took until Tuesday night in Thailand for the rest of the team to get out.

The team, featuring players between the ages of 11 and 17, were initially trapped on June 23 after tremendous rainfall derailed their trek through the cave system.

President Trump spoke for the USA in applauding the rescue efforts:

Also worth praising is the courage of those who were trapped, facing unimaginable adversity and lengthening odds of survival by the day in the Chiang Rai province.

According to the BBC report, a team of 90 divers were deployed in rescue efforts, which were dangerous in their own right. One of the former Thai navy divers died in the caves on Friday.

Liam Cochrane of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported Tuesday that three volunteering Navy SEALs and doctor who remained with the team for the past eight days got out of the cave as well. They will next undergo medical tests and quarantine at a Chiang Rai hospital.