LOOK: Cavaliers fans stuck with three-year commitment to floor seats

The Cleveland Cavaliers coaxed fans into a three-year commitment to have floor seats for home games at Quicken Loans Arena, and it looks like a brilliant business decision now.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported on the situation, as the Cavs required fans to go all-in this February:

Although prices are likely to plummet for those seats due to the departure of LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers, the quality of basketball won’t quite be the same. And those fans were probably hoping to continue bearing witness to The King.

Rovell also showed how James’ impending arrival to the City of Angels impacted Lakers ticket prices:

According to Rovell, the Cavs’ franchise value dropped 25 percent in a single year when James left the team the first time to join the Miami Heat and ultimately win two championships.

But James came back, helped Cleveland win a championship of its own and advanced the Cavs to the NBA Finals in each of the past four seasons. There’s little reason for fans of the team to be salty about his departure this time around.

The Lakers are a strong, coveted brand even when they’re not in contention for a title. That will change with the arrival of James, whose presence alone ought to enhance LA’s chances of a deep playoff run, though likely not enough for a championship push in 2018-19.

But there is some hope for Cleveland’s ticket holders. All-Star forward Kevin Love is still on the squad, along with a bevy of veterans who have lots of playoff experience, courtesy of James’ brilliance.

The Cavs will hope to build around Love, along with rookie lottery pick Collin Sexton, who’s wearing Kyrie Irving’s old No. 2 jersey, further signaling the dawn of a new era in Cleveland.