Game of Thrones ‘The Mountain’ becomes World’s Strongest Man

Game of Thrones actor Thor Bjornsson, also known as ‘The Mountain’ in the HBO hit show, has become the World’s Strongest Man after years of coming close in previous competitions.

The Icelandic 6-feet-9-inch and 400 pound giant of a man had never won the title before despite his incredible strength. On Sunday in the Philippines, the three time runner-up and three time third place finisher finally achieved this long-term goal.

During the World Strongest Man competition these heavyweights compete in crazy feats of strength including Car Deadlifts, Truck Pulls and using Atlas Stones in a grueling endurance race. Each event is truly a sight to behold.

The New York Times highlights that the World’s Strongest Man competition will be televised in the United States in June on CBS.