WATCH: Will Smith 76ers hype video will have you ready to run through a wall

Philadelphia native and Hollywood superstar Will Smith is seriously pumped up about the Philadelphia 76ers as The Process moves into Round 2 of the 2018 NBA Playoffs.

Smith put together a sick hype video on his Instagram account, which the Sixers shared on Twitter. But be warned, if you do watch it, you’ll have an irresistible urge to run through a brick wall afterward.


Yeah, we feel that.

The Sixers are so much fun to watch right now. Everything’s clicking, as rookie Ben Simmons looks like the next Magic Johnson, Markelle Fultz is pitching in regularly now. Joel Embiid is the most entertaining and dominant big man in the game today, and he comes in at No. 19 on the SNIPdaily Top 100 Most Popular list for the past month.

The hype surrounding this team is already insane.

Heaven help us if the 76ers get past the Boston Celtics in the second round.