WATCH: Jets HC Todd Bowles has cameo in ‘Luke Cage’

Season 2 of Netflix’s popular series “Luke Cage” is set to drop later this summer, and New York Jets fans will see a familiar face in head coach Todd Bowles at some point.

Apparently in this new season, Cage ends up showing off his insane athleticism in some sort of exhibition. Bowles shows up during this sequence, looking about as natural in front of the camera as he does on the podium for interviews (meaning he’s still the same blank slate as always).

Bowles must be ecstatic about his team landing one of the best quarterbacks in the recent draft. Just don’t expect him to show it. He’s not exactly the type to wear his emotions on his sleeve.

He usually flies pretty low under the national radar, because he’s not a quote machine very often and doesn’t let his personality out very often. But perhaps due to his involvement in “Luke Cage,” he’s currently the No. 7 most talked-about coach in the league, per SNIPdaily’s Head Coach Top 40.