UFC star Justin Gaethje on Conor McGregor: Money changes people

One of the top fighters in Conor McGregor’s 155-pound division is joining the chorus of fellow UFC figures to speak out about McGregor and his recent arrest on assault charges.

Justin Gaethje — having been hoping for a match against McGregor for some time now — had something really interesting to say about his fellow fighter. Only this time, it wasn’t about throwing shade in McGregor’s direction.

Instead, it came in the form of a warning to others that might find themselves as the next rags to riches story after Conor.

“McGregor wasn’t rich 5 years ago. Now, you put $100 million in his pocket and you see how it changes people,” Gaethje told TMZ Sports.

We have no idea really how much money or fame has changed McGregor. What we do know is that five years ago, he took part in an under card during the Chael Sonnen vs Mauricio Rua main event in UFC Fight Night 26.

Now, just years later, McGregor is No. 24 on the Forbes World’s Highest-Paid Athletes list and the most popular figure in the SNIPdaily UFC Top 100. It’s rather apparent that this fame and money has gotten to McGregor in a big way.

Whether this means that his career is over following last week’s incident in Brooklyn remains to be seen. However, his future in a sport he made popular is currently on thin ice.