NFL teams have hilarious nickname for top Colts draft pick

Indianapolis Colts first-round pick Quenton Nelson was among the top overall players in the 2018 NFL Draft. So when he landed to Indianapolis at No. 5 overall, the team was pretty darn excited to add the guard to the mix.

There wasn’t a single person happier than Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who will now work behind this massive 325-pound man.

Now that the draft has concluded, we’re starting to hear some interesting information come out of team headquarters. And the nickname given to Nelson by multiple squads is about as good as it gets.

“Earl Grey,” because all he does is “teabag” opponents by driving their faces into the ground.

This isn’t a joke.

We’ll let those who consistently have their heads in the gutter do their thing. Meanwhile, us more civilized adults will just watch video of Nelson doing what teams described him doing.

Now that we know why Nelson received this nickname, the Colts are hoping that he does indeed teabag opponents weekly in the NFL. Insert joke here.