LOOK: Nicki Minaj hanging courtside for Laker rookie’s debut

Making his NBA debut after 10 seasons down in the G-League, 32-year-old guard Andre Ingram starred for the Los Angeles Lakers in an otherwise meaningless game against the Houston Rockets on Tuesday evening.

Taking the Staples Center and onlookers by storm, Ingram put up 19 points on 6-of-8 shooting, including 4-of-5 from distance. It was a spectacular all-around performance, one that shows us hard work and dedication can pay off big time.

After playing in front of just a couple thousand spectators during his days in the G-League, Ingram was out here on basketball’s center stage schooling some of the game’s best. He was doing so in front of some of the best that Hollywood has to offer.

Yes, that includes music sensation Nicki Minaj, who was courtside for the game in the most Nicki Minaj way possible.

One has to wonder if Ingram saw her rooting him on as he was hitting treys over the best team in the NBA world. Was he star struck? Wouldn’t you be? Ten years down in the minors, only to dominate in front of that.

Here’s to hoping that Ingram’s late-season call-up from the G-League will lead to a full-time gig next season. And if it’s on the Lakers, hooking up with some of Hollywood’s elite likely wouldn’t be out of the question.

Yes, guys. When you shoot your shot, there’s a good chance it will go in. Ingram proved that on the court Tuesday night.