20 most ridiculous blowhards in sports today

Kevin Durant

Durant would do well to simply shut off his social media and direct any questions from the press to what’s happening on the court. More so than any previous season, he has not done himself any favors here. Whether it’s creating burner social media accounts to call out critics or taking things way to personally, there’s an issue here. We’re not sure if it means Durant is soft. But he obviously cares way too much what others think of him. As one of the most-hated athletes in the sports world, it’s clear why this is the case.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Starting with his on-field issues and that infamous Miami boat trip back in January of 2017, Beckham Jr. has somewhat become public enemy No. 1 around the media world. Some of it is warranted. Some of it isn’t warranted. But his blowhard mentality is more about on-field antics that has Beckham as one of the few remaining diva wide receivers in the NFL. Just ask this kicking net. Now the subject of trade rumors, OBJ currently finds himself as the second-most popular figure in the SNIPdaily NFL Top 100. And it’s not for the best or reasons.

Jerry Jones

Just stop talking. It’s not that hard, Jerry. Seemingly having an opinion on everything isn’t good. It’s pretty much the definition of blowhard. No, Jerry, you’re not an expert on everything the world over. No one is. A year that’s been defined by Jones taking on the NFL’s leadership — Roger Goodell included — has led to Jones becoming somewhat of a pariah within the league community. That’s what happens when you simply don’t know when to shut the heck up.

LaVar Ball

Speaking of not shutting the heck up, the eldest Ball has not really done his son any favors in Los Angeles. Calling out the rookie’s organization and head coach is never good. Taking on President Trump in a battle of blowhards also isn’t good. It’s led to Ball becoming the face of what’s wrong with today’s helicopter parents, with some of the NBA’s most influential calling him out. Oh, and let us not even get into the decision about gim pulling his two younger sons from school to play overseas. Ball is the definition of a blowhard in today’s NBA world. Period.

Phil Jackson

Jackson may have been laughing all the way to the bank after leaving his job as the New York Knicks’ president. That’s fine. But a reputation that includes 11 NBA titles as a head coach has come crashing down quicker than a Donald Trump housing project in New York City. Whether it’s taking on Carmelo Anthony in the most public of ways or openly discussing trading Kristaps Porzingis, Jackson’s tenure in New York was an absolute disgrace. And he has not done himself any favors since.

Derek Jeter

If David Stern was running Major League Baseball, the deal that sent Giancarlo Stanton form the Miami Marlins to Jeter’s former New York Yankees team would have never been approved. That’s how lopsided it was. And since taking over as the Marlins’ manager, it’s just one of many moves Miami has made that makes us question the future Hall of Fame shortstop. All the while, Jeter is out here suggesting that his Marlins are further from contention than a yet-to-be named Miami-based Major League Soccer team. From toast of the Big Apple to blowhard in the matters of years. Ouch.

Roger Goodell

There is not a single figure in the sports world that represents the term blowhard more than Mr. Goodell. Thankfully, the NFL Commissioner will soon retire after signing a deal that pays him what seems to be Monopoly money. All the while, he’s taken Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott to court — using the American justice system as his way to become the intolerant dictator most figured the me-first Goodell always wanted to be. Next up, a run for president.

Baker Mayfield

Those poor Kansas fans have dealt with losing at a clip we’ve rarely seen from a college football team in recent years. So why did Mayfield have to do them so dirty during a game last season? This is just the latest example of the reigning Heisman winner simply not getting it. He was the toast of Norman. We get it. He’s the most-popular SNIPdaily College Football figure. We get it. But Mayfield has let this fame get to his head. Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead to him bombing out in the same manner of a player he’s often compared to.

Floyd Mayweather

We can talk about Floyd’s domestic violence history all we want. That doesn’t make him a blowhard. That makes him a bad human being. Instead, his inclusion on this list is all about Floyd thinking that excrement from his butt is paved in the same gold as the cash he flushes down his $50,000 toilet. The latest example of this? The audacity to think that he can take to the MMA and somehow defeat world class athletes who have been training for years in the Octagon. Let’s just hope reality hits him square in the face in the form of a roundhouse kick — preferably from one Ronda Rousey.

Dez Bryant

Bryant just isn’t a great football player anymore. Here’s a dude that has failed to put up as much as 850 receiving yards in either of the past two seasons. Despite this, the always spoon-fed diva somehow still thinks he’s worth the $16.5 million cap hit he’s set to earn next season. In what world, Dez? Maybe, the world that requires you to drop thousands for your own entourage while the Cowboys still keep keen eyes on you to make sure the off-field incidents that previously plagued this former first-round pick don’t pop up again.

Jim Harbaugh

He rubbed them the wrong way at San Diego, then Stanford. And then again in San Francisco. This isn’t the new normal. Harbaugh is not the easiest personality to get along with. Just ask fellow college football head coaches. Having spent no more than four seasons at any of his three prior head coaching stops, rumors continue to swirl that Harbaugh won’t be long for Michigan. Rumors he’s attempted in a less-than-obvious way to deny. Even then, there’s that backdrop heading into the 2018 season. It’s normal. Harbaugh is either loved or hated. And to some, he most definitely is a blowhard.

Draymond Green

Stop whining on the basketball court. Green’s “and one” antics are getting old, really fast. Here’s a dude that seems to think he’s fouled every time he touches the ball while complaining about every call against him on the other end of the court. Green is one of those players you love if he’s on your team and absolutely hate if he’s on any of the other 29 NBA teams. But even in Oakland, Green’s constant complaining is getting old. Let us not even talk about the junk-kicking fetish that seems to inspire this man.

Deion Sanders

We get Deion’s shtick. He’s meant to be pure entertainment on the NFL Network. Maybe that station’s version of Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith. But it’s an act that is now nothing less than worn out. The latest example of this is Prime Time calling Tennessee Titans All-Pro safety Kevin Byard a “fan” on Twitter. That didn’t sit well with Byard, who quickly called Sanders out in the best possible way. Sanders doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table outside of being the NFL’s walking and talking example of a blowhard.

Michael Bennett

Bennett’s first public statement after being traded from Seattle to Philadelphia was to involve politics into everything. How fun is that? Then, shortly after being dealt to the defending champs, Bennett was arrested for allegedly assaulting a handicapped woman during the Super Bowl back in February of 2017. In between all of this, he continues to talk (and write) about whatever comes to mind. Some might call it unfiltered, while we’ll simply say he’s caught the Jerry Jones bug. Sometimes, just be quiet. It works.

Dennis Rodman

Speaking of being quiet, can Rodman leave us in peace? Maybe, head to North Korea and demand asylum. After all, he seems to be good buds with the evil head of that country. If this weren’t enough, Rodman is out here throwing shade in the direction of LiAngelo Ball. As if he has any real room to talk. Years removed from going full on blowhard by failing to make it work with the amazing Madonna, Rodman hasn’t changed one iota.

Bill Belichick

We get it, Hoodie. You’re of a different kind. One of the most successful coaches in NFL history, Belichick seemingly doesn’t think the rules apply to him or the Patriots. That’s evident in his mentality. Secondly, he somehow thinks acting the part of a jerk to the media will somehow turn things in his favor. It doesn’t. You’re simply a Grinch, as the GOAT Tony Romo said recently.

Ray Lewis

Stop with the sanctimonious crap, Mr. Lewis. We get it. You have found god after being indicted on conspiracy to commit murder charges. That’s great. We’ll never question someone who turns his life around. But you’re not the one who should be out here calling others out for not having god in their lives. It’s a bad look. It’s especially a bad look when you direct this idiocy at a player in Odell Beckham Jr. who doesn’t need you to show him your version of faith. This type of stuff makes for the biggest blowhards in the world as a whole. Add in Lewis’ history, and it’s just crap.

Gregg Popovich

Pop doesn’t like President Trump. We know this. It’s been said by the all-time great head coach over and over again. Okay, cool. So what are you going to do about it, Mr. Popovich? Words are one thing. Actions speak louder. And up until now, Pop has done very little to change what is happening in this nation. As to where other athletic figures not included in this list work their tail off to better society, it seems that Pop is just here to embarrass a man that already does enough to embarrass himself. It’s getting old.

LeBron James

Speaking of getting old, is there anything in god’s green earth that James doesn’t have an opinion on? We know his stance on Trump and other conservative figures. We know where he stands on some of the top young players in the NBA. Heck, James figured it made sense to talk about another team firing its head coach. Who cares, LeBron? On the court, he’s also the same blowhard. Arguing with coaches on the bench, calling out teammates and pretending like he should get every foul call. As good as James is, he’s just as annoying. Get over yourself, my friend.

Conor McGregor

Even before McGregor decided to act like his frontal lobe didn’t exist and went full rampage earlier in the month in Brooklyn, he’s been seen as a blowhard around the MMA world. Though, that was taken to a whole new level when the champ decided to lash out like a five-year old who still doesn’t know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Act like an animal. Be called an animal. It’s that simple. And this latest incident could very well be the death knell to a historic career. Blowhard, indeed.