Even after creepy documentary, O.J. Simpson is welcome at local juice bar

Ex-NFL running back O.J. Simpson is in the news headlines again after Fox aired that creepy “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession” documentary on Sunday evening.

Simpson currently sits at No. 28 on our SNIPdaily Legends Top 100 and is constantly finding ways to get attention. He disturbed millions of viewers Sunday night when he “hypothetically” confessed to the double murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman back in 2006.

Despite this horrifying admission, “The Juice” is still welcome at his favorite juice establishment in his home state of Nevada. Simpson apparently did not lose a fan, as the manager at Nekter Juice Bar in Summerlin won’t turn him away, according to TMZ Sports.

The manager says as long as Simpson is a “paying customer,” he won’t turn down his business.

Well. What about all of the business Nekter is bound to lose when families come in and see an alleged murderer schmoozing with the manager? Per the report, the manager has not yet watched the documentary. But even more curious is, he says even if he watched the special, it “wouldn’t matter.”

It would take Simpson misbehaving or being “rude” for this manager to not welcome him into Nekter, per TMZ. Sadly, Simpson is free to roam around and there will continue to be establishments that will welcome him with open arms.