Minnesota Senator puts colleague in his place after he questions curling

Every four years or so, the world is reminded of the greatness of curling. It happens during every Winter Olympics, and 2018 in South Korea is no different. In fact, the very first event of this year’s Olympic Games was in fact curling.

We’re not going to try to explain away what the sport is, what the goal of the sport is and how to play the sport. That would be akin to asking President Trump to read War and Peace.

Instead, we’ll leave it up to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar to tell us just how awesome the sport itself is. In responding to colleague John Cornyn, Klobuchar made sure his slight didn’t go unnoticed.

It started with Cornyn calling curling the “most obscure Olympic sport” and asking what the point of the sport was.

At which point, Klobuchar did not hold back.

Indeed, curling is absolutely huge in the northern regions of the United States and Canada. As she would note, similar to those who love the rodeo in Texas. Some of us out west might even ask what the point of those events are? But we digress

Klobuchar then doubled down hours later.

That’s where she misses the mark big time. We need to see Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu on primetime. They’re national treasures.

At the very least, Cornyn did seek some explanation about the sport.

That’s more than we can ask for this one scribe.