LOOK: Tom Brady enjoying this Sunday much more than last Sunday

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t sulking around the house in his pajamas after watching his team lose to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII last Sunday.

What else would we expect from a five-time Super Bowl champion who has a wife that most men would literally give their left arm for? Well, Brady has decided to hit up the legendary Costa Rica coast with his wife in tow. And it’s all sorts of awesome.

“This Sunday’s outcome is a lot better than last Sunday’s! #losingstreakstopsatone.”

That photo is so perfect that it almost makes this one scribe want to lose his dinner. Surely, Brady is upset about how Super Bowl LII turned out. Wouldn’t you be?

But he’s not out here drowning in his sorrows. Nope. He’s forgetting that it ever happened while enjoying some important alone time with Gisele. For a quarterback that’s lost three more Super Bowls than the legendary Jimmy Garoppolo, that’s most definitely not a bad consolation prize.

We’re not sure if Brady is too recognizable in Costa Rica. What we do know is that he spent this past week No. 1 on the SNIPdaily Sports Top 100. We won’t venture a guess about what Mr. Brady and his wife are doing on this romantic getaway. Let’s just hope he’s clearing his mind. Because, when the greatest of all-time returns to the states, it will be all cameras. All. The. Time.