Ayesha Curry announces pregnancy of third child with cute Instagram pic

Ayesha Curry took to social media with a cute pic on Friday morning to announce she and Stephen Curry are expecting their third child.

The adorable Curry family already slays with an overload of the cuteness factor. Riley is an international legend for her performances during press conferences a couple years back during the NBA Finals.

Two-year old Ryan Carson Curry came along in the summer of 2015, and now we’ll have a third bundle of Curry cuteness on our hands soon enough.

Meanwhile, dear old dad continues to tear up the competition as the star shooting guard of the Golden State Warriors, who appear to be on their way to a fourth straight NBA Finals.

He’s not as outspoken as some of his peers, but Curry remains a very popular figure in the Association, ranking No. 2 on our SNIPdaily NBA Top 100 for the month of January, ahead of Lonzo Ball and Isaiah Thomas, to name a few.

This news of a third child can’t hurt that. Not one little bit.