How about a Donald Trump fantasy football trophy?

Everyone loves fantasy football, until you realize you that Derek Carr turned into David Carr in 2017. Then it’s wait until next year and hope you can get Ezekiel Elliott and not Missy Elliott.

For those that do make it to their championship week and win, there’s now a new sheriff in town for fantasy football trophies. Sure, you could go with the epic silver football on top, yet why be so predictable when you have much more fun.

A company called TrophySmack is now offering the El Presidente fantasy football trophy with a caricature of President Donald Trump on top.

Image courtesy of TrophySmack

In addition to making fantasy football great again, the company also offers a rainbow unicorn trophy and everyone’s favorite Christian – a Jesus trophy.

If you’re curious why Trump and Jesus, the company’s FAQ offers an explanation.

“Wrong question. While polarizing politics and religions might be bad for mankind, it offers itself as a wonderfully tee’d up opportunity for humor and smack talk in the safe contained environment of Fantasy Sports.”

According to the company, the Donald Trump fantasy football trophy is their hottest seller. Any reaction to this Mr. President?

If the winner gets the Trump trophy, then the loser of your fantasy football league must get the chia Hillary Clinton.