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#1Boston CelticsFranchise Top 100
#1Aaron Rodgers, PackersNews Top 100
#1Gregg Popovich, SpursBrass Top 100 | Twitter Top 100
#1Bryan PriceMLB Top 100
#1Brandon Marshall, Free AgentNFL Top 100
#1Canelo AlvarezBoxing Top 100
#1Peyton ManningLegends Top 100
#1David Pastrnak, BruinsNHL Top 100
#1Daniel CormierUFC Top 100
#1Adam Schefter, ESPNMedia Top 100
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Kevin Durant Durant would do well to simply shut off his social media and direct any questions from the press to what's happening on the court. More so than any previous season, he has not done himself any favors here. Whether it's creating burner social media accounts to call out...
Remember the Loveable Losers in Chicago? Well, that came to a conclusion back in 2016 when the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. Now a World Series favorite again in 2018, the Cubs are still well liked. They're just no longer the Loveable Losers. Instead, here's eight teams...

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